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Just Like that

Even though I have never written an entry I have always followed it since the past couple of years. Its been quite sometime since I have been planning to write something but laziness comes in my way.Let me try talking of my stay in UK for the past 8 months or so. Its been a wonderful experience and I enjoyed every bit of it. Was a bit wary about the 'not so friendly' britishers initially, but to my surprise that did not seem to be the case. I do admit that they are very formal and polite and would never speak out their mind and that would mean that you would end up spending a lot of time reading their mind rather than concentrating on work. But all the people whom I have met have been very helpful and kind to me. There are a hell lot of cultural differences which probably most of my Inidan colleagues do find a bit odd at times, but having been NIT Jamshedpur for 4 years meant that this was just nothing. In fact I love it.

There are lots of work culture differences but I am sure that would not interest you, so I would limit myself to the general differences which I could see. One really cool thing about the way people live here is that they really don’t care about what the other person does, they just get on with their job and that’s it, would not care about the other person, unlike most of us Indians who are more bothered about the world rather than us. I know, every trait has its own positives and negatives, so it may not be right for me to say that this is right or that is wrong, but I liked almost all the things about my stay here. The pollution free environment, the not so busy life, the great weekend walks and the most important of all the great friends whom I will miss once I would be back. But life moves on doesn’t it. What makes me cringe about my life back in India is the rat race in there, everyday is a struggle, Over here I get to see people coming to office at 8 and leave the office at 4-4:30 and it gets dark quite late (in summers its 10 and during inters its 5) so its not too bad either, compare this with an software programmers life in India leave home at 8 reach office at 9 ..leave office at 6:30 reach home at 8. What time an individual is left with after all of this. At times its quite amusing when I see people appreciating me sitting up till 6:630 and even after that I get bored( that’s probably because I have nothing else to do here). Its quite funny isn’t it. you come to county like UK expecting things to be lot more competitive (because its a developed nation) only to realize that its quite relaxed. The project which I am in is pretty busy, but even then its not tough and I at times wonder what would the life of guys in other projects be like. People have time in UK to pursue their hobby which I think is really think is great. On the contrary you might have to do something like what Raj or Mannu ended up doing (quitting job) to do what you like. Sometimes I envy the lifestyles of the people here, but again the belief that you make your life prompts me to think that I can make my life better. As far as my own life and me giving CAT and other exams is concerned, I will be giving CAT again this time, but being honest with you all, my prerps are far more worse then ever before and with every passing day I just don’t care, I think I am a bit jaded now. Having worked my ass off in the college and the year after I have now lost all the interest in it. Its not that I don’t like my current job, it’s a problem with the way inidan sw industry which demands an individual to have the necessary experience without even giving a damn about what he wants and what his skill sets are which is forcing me to do an MBA and more importantly the meagre salary which they pay will not be enough to satiate my future needs( Don’t ask me what my needs are ..coz I don’t know). I have a million ideas and I am sure all of you have and of all these ideas I aint sure which one is the best. Only time will tell if what I am doing (or in other words following ) is right or not.That’s it from this boring person. Will be back in India on 7th Oct . Talk to some of you then.


shastha said…
I just wrote it in one go and did not review it either .. I have been trying to edit the post but I am unable to do that(proves what a fool I am).. Could you please help me find it .. or edit the post and correct the gramatical mistakes please.
Unknown said…
Hi Shahstha.How are you man??

First if you want to do some editing you can go the the dashboard that is the first page that comes after logging into Click on edit posts and do the changes to your post..cheers..

share some your feelings in the post..Tell us more of your English experience..would love to read about it..

Kya "party"? Kaise ho ? (In our usual bihari tone)
Lagta hai poori masti kar rahe ho UK maine.Your post really made me want to experience the laid back life there.Though I ven't been abroad but what I know supports your view that for people abroad job is just a job and not life,in sharp contrast to India where people don't have anything else to do and idling time in office becomes is their fav timepass.
The CAT story is same for me.Not preparing this time though will be writing the exam,chances of getting selected are bleak but I hardly care or rather I've resigned to the fact that the chances of getting the B-schools I want to get in are less,in fact very less .Hehe

And a good first post ,man! Cheers!
Post some pics from there,if possible or at least post the link of your picasa album,if you have one.
raj alakshendra said…
its G8 to see shastha writing..
keep posting ..

m commenting after a long time system frnds .. this is the only thing i miss after leaving job ..

but dont worry i hav got my lapy.. dad has gifted me ..very soon il putting a post ..

milte hai break ke baad

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