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"A day without my Blackberry"

I did it ... in less than six months my Blackberry crashed .. Its OS got corrupted ...

two days back , i was uploading a pic when my phone hanged ... I switched it off n after that it never started ...
i got tensed , not because my phone is screwed up (its in warranty) but because how would i survive without it ...
all these happens when you are not with ur best companion :

1) you start getting bad dreams if it takes more than a day to get fixed , how would you contact the work - all those social networking n status updates .
2) how would you chat with your friends especially the one living out of country .
3) while driving i saw something that should be clicked but the very next i realized i am not with my BB.
4) you gonna miss push mail n blackberry messenger .
5) when holding any other phone you will feel inferior . people will ask u , what happend to your blackberry
6) you will feel as if ur hands r cut .

it was a tough 24 hrs without my BB .
I have got it a few hours back and i am feeling so relieved ..


Sakshi said…
You should ask Shayon how he managed! He had his phone but he could just receive calls and not even know who is calling him!
How is that for being blind on a dark night ;P
...@ish@... said…
It seems BB is ruling your world but wait for real B(i)B(i),she gonna rule you and i hope her not black but could like berry though !!!
lets see which BB you gonna serve more !!
raj alakshendra said…
i should give him the credit for using the ph like that for few months ...

after reading ur comment i was wondering what to say !!!

i doubt if B(i)B(i) can rule me ... n maam she is gonna be very beautiful ... wait kar raha hoon apne perfect match ka... ek din to mil hi jayegi ...

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