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happy b'de to dion

hi, dion ... Many many happy returns of the day ....
hw r u celebrating ur b'de there ... i hope u must be missing the GPLs , the Bru Beck Bakery cake n finally the DJ nite in Rudra's room ...

I would like 2 write a few lines of our relations ( dont tak otherwise ). during my college dez i had max fights with him only but then also we have been alwez good frnds ... i remember the dez whn we had to arrange the g8 MATHUS parties , then we two non-drinkers used to buy drinks for others .
i really love to irritate him becoz he used to loose his temper immediately ...i was lucky to not get a bang frm him ... do u knw dion i was the one to put water in ur room during final year Holi ... there is something about dion .... he is a big PAITRA ... sala bahut bhao khata hai ....
when i think abt him few things alwez come in my mind ... i would write it in points..
1) his very sweet voice ... once my dad had called on his ph n misjudged it for a girl.
2) his mini jockey ... oh , he used to create waves in many guys minds.
3) his age old wrangler jeans .... if i remember correctly it was his dad's jeans..
4) roaming in coll with a GREEN file ...

there r many more things 2 share but i cant put everything ...
he is a very good football n basketball players ...

once again a very happy b'de 2 u ... enjoy it to the fullest ..
have fun


Sakshi said…
Awww.... man this is such a cute post. I have already wished Dion but here I am wishing you again... Happy Birthday ... Shayon too asked me to wish you...coz he wont be able to come ol... Happy Birthday Dude... from PKP
Thanks guys!
Raj thanks a lot man. Go to Brubeck and have a cake for me. Or we'll celebrate when you'll come to Goa.
Dude!Wish u a very happy bday again..
Hahha..gud points..but u missed one very imp point :
His dialogue which became as famous as "The name is Bond.James Bond" dialogue.
"I dont mind doing this but the thing is...."(some explanation in the gap)
Anyway, let's wish him a happy bday again with a virtual GPL
Ankit said…
Hey dion..happy Bday dude...Wishin u all the luck....hope u recieved the SMS..
raj alakshendra said…
vl definitely cut a cake in goa fr the topfloorers

abe dion ke bare mein to bahut kuch likhne ko hai lekin mujhe laga ki vo load le lega aur uske baad vo wahi dialogue marega...
Unknown said…
bhai log at least b'day ke din uska tariff kar detey.. waisey to hamesha ek dusrey ki taang khichtey rehtey hain..

@"hope u recieved the SMS"

gandhi i got that sms !!
Unknown said…
abe gandhi tune msg dion ko kiya ki raths ko ??
tu sudhar nahi sakta
Shayon said…
@ Dino
Wish you a very happy n belated birthday, man! :-)
Ankit said…
indeed i sent it to dion...but forgot to mention my name though.....

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