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Remembering Gandhi

He was not one of the faces in the crowd. He was different.A man whose statue will be the first to be placed in NIT Jamshedpur's Hall of Fame- Mr. Ankit Gandhi aka Dangs aka Gands aka ....(fill in with all the names you know :P). This article is dedidcated to him from one of his fans.Ok!! Let's start.
Gandhi-a guy whose mere thought would bring a smile on anybody's face who would have studied with him,Gandhi-a living example of what all can happen with you if you dont adapt & change yourself to circumstances.I remember when I met him for the first time in college ,he seemed a self-assured man who could spin your head with his computer knowledge & exuded confidence .Then IT STARTED..& by IT STARTED I mean IT STARTED..It started all with his participation in a play -an adaptation of Ramayana in which he had taken up the role of Jatayau-the eagle..That play proved to be a turning point in the way the people used to look at him.He became instant famous.That play & especially Gandhi's role was so appreciated by folks that they started doing "quack quack" wherever they used to see him.Now,not only our batchmates but even the mess-boys knew who Gandhi was!!Entering the mess with him used to leave you self-conscious as all heads used to turn to the star Gandhi & soon the mess used to reverberate with a cacophony of human beings becoming Jatayus & doing "quack quack"..
This play became the DEFINING POINT of the cult which got developed around Gandhi or rather Gandhi developed around himself -though unintentionally .Like celebrities, his every move used to be grabbed by the paparazzi(the people present at a particular moment with him)who then used to provide the fuel for gossip-mongers who,in turn, used to take the "Brand Gandhi" to the next level.Thanks to the incessant power cuts,those nights,those nights when for hours end our muse or rather topic of discussion used to be Gandhi, Gandhi & Gandhi..We could never have enough of discussing him-his fights,the recent scribblings on his grafitti decorated door,the recent victims of his computer crashing spree, the new songs/aartis made on him & the list goes on & on & on. Even a single sentence uttered by him used to be spread like wildfire ."Brand Gandhi" had become like teenage infatuation in which we-the infatuated lot wanted more of him !!
I guess if any of you would just think of Gandhi anytime the first image that will hit your mind is a Gandhi in shorts & his famous black vest with a Mickey Mouse on it,with a face as cross a pair of scissors,hurling absues at literally evryone with Prajapti,Nikhil Sood being the prime victims.The brand Gandhi was so exciting then nobody used to miss the revellery so even people with whom Gandhi used to have a violent verbal fight used to come back after some days to say sorry & again start their JOB.Sometimes in the night when you were fast asleep in your room,all of a sudden at 1 am a violent & deafning banging of door used to leave you startled but then instead of getting pissed off you used to find yourself laughing in the half asleep state with Gandhi's S.O.S cries after he used to come to know that somebody has locked him from outside.
The biggest problem with him was not that he used to "take load"(a phrase from our lingo)on anything & everything but he really believed that it's natural to take load as you cant avoid it & that's what exactly used to fuel the other people also. One scene had become very common every evening. Somebody used to piss him off big-time & then there used to be a police-culprit chase with Gandhi throwing stones at the culprit who had pissed him off & this scene- with Gandhi running round & hurling stones used to make people sitting on the slabs having their evening tea go mad with laughter!!
People celebrated their birthdays once a year but Gandhi was so special for us that we used to celebrate his birthday round the year. The clock used to strike 12.The crowd used to give solid GPL to the bday boy & then to the other perenially availble birthday boy-Gandhi.Somebody used to quietly sneak behing Gandhi then catch him off-guard then the GPL hungry wolves used to have enjoy the prey.
This guy became such a great part of our lives that you may take most of the persons from our batch then also the memories would be the same but if you take Gandhi then YOU HAVE NO MEMORIES AT ALL .

Oh my God!! I have written so much but still feels like I havent done full justice to the life & times of this great man in NIT,Jamshedpur.There's so much to write about him that I could probably end-up writing a best-selling short-story on this amazing creation of God.
When the real Gandhi i mean Mahatma Gandhi died Nehru said -"God sends such great personality like him only once in the course of humanity.He has left a void in our hearts.."

For our Gandhi who's but well still alive & entertaining the world I a a similar homage to pay "God sends people like YOU once in the course of humanity.You have left a void in the hearts & minds of all those who had the great opportunity to spend some really great years with you "
I hope the pic reminds you of the day when we told Gandhi that we are gonna make you famous & Gandhi said how & we explained him "How?" The G-spot err.G-stall posters made Juke-box a runaway success.But I remember the last day of Utkarsh & I hope this thing will make you (including Gandhi)mad with laughter.I bet!!
On the last day of Utkarsh when Juke Box & the G-stall(which never really existed) were the center of attraction a bunch of Biharis -absolutely hung-over saw G-stall poster on the Basketball board,.Then suddenly what transpired between them they got on top of the basketball board & started hitting the G-stall poster with their chappals & instead of stopping them people were provoking them to continue with their stupid deed.



Karma said…
Ha ha !!!
Trust me I still cudnot recover from the peels of laughter.Man you are really a Dawg Mann!!Junta, this guy Manuu ,is the biggest pester and doesn't leave no stone unturned to vex this Gujju.He is the one who comes up goofy ideas and at times facilitates the process to its completion.All topflooreres can vouch on that.
But then having said that these guyz are inseparable somewhat like matter and anti-matter...cannot live him but can't leave him
If I can recall incident correctly was probably winters..we floorer's were bitten by the Shuttle bug and we used to assemble behind our hostel every noon.Naturally,Gujju too joined us to have a game of badminton.Our turn used to come in round Robin fashion.To prove our mettle we always used to pair with strong partners.Gujju was a greenhorn then...trying to learn the sport.In a game probably someone refused to play with him citing his obvious lack of skill...and poor Gujju left quietly...its no big guess whom he went to pour out his heart.The next thing we knew Mannu yelling out from window "Areh Bhailog tum log kya keh diye ho Gujju ko..yeh toh ro raha hain .Areh koi ake ise samjhao yaar...mera dimag ka dahi bana diya!!"(dialog reconstructed upto the extent I could recall)

Junta if u can spare a moment outta ur busy schedule then donot forget to wish our Gujju happy B'day on 2nd it was celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm in our NIT ishtyle...if u know what I mean!!!

Thanks Mann to reconstruct a collage from some old but really worthwhile fragments of memory.
Sakshi said…
Oh Gosh.... This is hilarious...both the comment by karma and the post by Mann...!!! (No offence Gandhi, but Happy Birthday... !!! ;))
Shayon said…
Whoa, man! t was truly a "tribute" to Gandhi... he he he... I especially remember the Badminton part and of course, myself participated in Gandhi's Mass GLP ;-)

Mr. Ankit Gandhi
Wish you a very happy birthday, man... the only dry day of the year that I absolutely do not mind... 'coz it's your birthday, after all :-)
Unknown said…
mannu tu kab baaz aayegaa!!

gandhi you too can come up wid a post on mannu bhai..

there are lots abt mannu bhai himself, the man who came with the proverbial 'silver spoon in his mouth' to college and there were plates & glasses too ;-)

ha ha ha..

Anonymous said…
Happy b'day Gands.... miss those GPL sessions a lot. staying awake till 12(that too coming from F Hostel) and the passion to give Gandhi the taste of B'day was a thing to remember. Anyway Japani se GPL karwa raha hoga is baar!
Happy b'day once again
Ankit said…
guys thank you for ur wishes...hope i`ll get them on my real bday also :-).

Nywyz for starters, manu ka evening mein bathroom jana and then long prayers to repent for his misdoings(in bathroom of course)...and on his 1st 2 years one can make a comic movie...but apun ka langotiya yaar ko sab allowed hai...write some more dude....

@badminton issue:
dude in the initial phase when i wasnt a regular in badminton, i did face a lot of partiality from unexpected quarters...but may be i took it in wrong way then....i used my eyes wen should have used some brain then...

post is really nice man....and specially the g-spot...and people using chappals to fix it on the basketball pole...
@ Rathz
Dude, there was nothing proverbial about that spoon. It was 'actual'!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
@ G-man
Dude, you never learn do you??? Mann. just insulted the crap out of you and you're stil 'khule mein le raha hai jo Mannu baant raha hai'
Dude, you also didn't take it the wrong way, those arses wanted to provoke you (wrt. the badminton scene).
And I'm gonna write a post about Mann.
raj alakshendra said…
hw anyone can forget the famous dangu dance during utkarsh...

btw the post was g8... as i was going through d post i felt dat everything had happened jus yesterde ...

gandhi should feel proud that he is the only personality in coll history whose pic was put in posters as a part of advertisement ... newez our idea was g8 n it really clicked...

i really miss dose happy coll dez....
Wanted to make one clarification that I had called up Gandhi before posting this article & only when he gave me the permission then I published it.

Dude!! cm on man,u shouldnt be using that kind of offensive language !! It's making me feel like I have really insulted Gandhi & he'd feel bad about it-that's never my intention.I dont want to hurt or insult anyone-be it Gandhi,Meerut,Yakoo etc. These people would have minded had I just been mockin' at them ,If I can mock at myself in the posts then there shouldnt be a problem.

Anyway taking out the "Holier than thou" robe,I'd be flattered if you come up wid a post on me even if that castrates me.As they say "wat goes around comes around" :-P

Believe me dude!! My intention was just to give ya all a hearty laugh nothing else!!
@ All
The truth is Gandhi is a very sweet guy ,whose heart is as pure as the river Ganges,who trusts his friends-it's just that he's got a confused way of lookin' at things.That's it!! But then he's & HE'LL remain one of my best buddies forever !!!

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