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Let there be 'Senses'..

There has been lot of bloodshed in the country in the past few months. Some evil minds have been doing all insane things and thus putting lives of the innocent people into jeopardy. On this day of Gandhi Jayanti, let Senses prevail & the evil minds stop doing the rounds of violence.


Ankit said…
gandhiji..thank you...because of oyu i got a holiday after 11 continuous working days....hehe...

on a serious note, given all responsibilties and social pressures how many people actually stand we try to stop eve teasers at bus stop?
Do we jump in when insane people jam the wide roads and fight like dogs because their cars got scratched..

gandhigiri is an effective means to tame erratic behaviors(i've tried some in office), [basically its like lower most finger of the 3 finger law of communication), it can tame educated minds...not terrorists...(not the formal education, but the one family gives u..)

terrorists are victims, but we let them get victimised at the fist least by use of brutal force we can control IM..the indian bred terrorists before they can strike back....

hats off to u modi!!
Ankit said…
can u please temme where to register for email...or can u pls make and mail me the details...thnaks a lot!!
To Rathz,
abey saae u could have taken some pains to write some more lines. Ek photo taang di aur ho gayi "Gandhi Jayanti" ..
Sakshi said…
I just came back from college after EMcing the whole show for Gandhi Jayanti... and really, the two lines that Rathz has written along with the pic is a great gesture. We should always remember Mahtma in our hearts... pharenphelia is not always required.!!!
raj alakshendra said…
other than mahatma gandhi ,this day is the b'de of my brother too ....

well m a g8 fan of this mahatma ... i donno knw y many people don lik him ...
I agree wid u for some people it has become "I-m-different-from-the-rest-of-you" thing to hate Gandhiji.
Sometimes I try to get into their shoes & c if there's really any point in not respecting him..Yes maybe a coupla points but then again I find that watever he has said inspires me at least!!

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