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Pujo greetings to all..

After all the years of growing up mostly in the eastern part of the country, I have been witness to many Durga Puja celebrations. All the time they said, "If you want to experience the 'real Puja' go to Calcutta"; and finally I (can someone tell if I/i has to be written in capitals or not coz in the past few editions of 'The Sunday Times', the editorials are using 'i' instead of 'I') get a chance to experience the 'real puja'.

No doubt the Bongs have become hyper active and are bubbling with energy which reaches a crescendo with the deafening yet hypnotising and magical beats of the dhaak. All the bongs  have bought ethnic wears to look good while they hop from one pandal to another, ya that's of course leaving Samik aside. Yesterday we'd Samik visit a pandal in a short & he was just 'pure & clean' at heart, that's it, no bath I mean. Well what was all purpose behind it, actually we went for the prasadi for breakfast!!

Talking of the Bongs, most of them in our office had completed their tasks well ahead of the pujas & have taken leaves untill next monday. So the office now-a-days wears a deserted look as if really hit by the recent economic downturn. Talking of my puja experience in Kolkata, it has really burnt a hole in my pocket. The prices//fares//rents of everything has gone up, all in the name of puja bakshish or bonus. Some of my friends are paying their maids as much as thousand bucks as bonus. Someone should understand our situation, we are not getting any extra perks courtesy the recent global economic crisis. The other day we went to a popular Bengali Cuisine restaurant and we'd to shell out Rs 350 per plate. No doubt the food was great but the quantity so meagre, we well almost said like Oliver Twist, "Please sir, I want some more".

Last night we went to Gariahat area, essentially to visit the all-hyped-about Maddox Square. No doubt the crowd was young, stylish & noisy. Essentially Puja being a time for devotion and a time for family, it's also about the 'magnificence' of the pandals, but at Maddox square I personally think they could have done a lot better. Still we'd a good time there. It is said at Maddox, you can come across long forgotten friends. It almost came true for me, I met a college junior from the 'Baby's week out' event of LDS. Luckily for me I was at the right times in the morning as well as in the evening, just at the time of giving pushpanjali//aarti, normally I always miss these. I am all charged up with the blessings of Maa Durga.

May Maa Durga bring prosperity and peace to everyone.


Sahi u have finally cracked the code of how to post without actually logging in so let's hope that u post more frequently.
Yaar tum log khub masti kar rahe ho wahaan pe poore group kay saath..
Anyway sam told me that u guys went to Darjeeling this week ?
Where are the pics ?Post them ASAP
raj alakshendra said…
hello to everyone ..
m back 2 jsr after a week's hols in my home ...

had a g8 time dere ... my broth hd also come ... i got him a pair of shoes as his b'de gift ...
my mom cooked all my fav foods... i used 2 eat n sleep in home ... had a good rest frm dis busy schedule ...

n the best part was that my parents r now damn serious for my marraige in another 1.5 years ... they took me 2 show a home... oh it was looking so funny ... i told them about all my past crushes .. they couldnt stop their laughter ... i told them 7 points which should be there in the girl of their choice ... lets see if they can find my dream girl ...
Sakshi said…
Yup, I heard that you are damn serious for settling down.... Wow...!!!
Btw- for everybody else's benefit, you can elaborate on the seven points... ;)

@ Rathz
Wow... the description of the festivities in kol you have given are great... Lets hope you post more often now...
raj alakshendra said…
1)she should be very beautiful
2)no doc
3)ht b/w 5.2 to 5.6.
4)it doesnt matter if she doesnt knw to cook.
5)should be smart n frank
6)working or non-working is her choice
7) most imp she shouldn't be fat
Sakshi said…
truely a guy speaking... looks..looks n looks...!!! DUHU...!!!
My best wishes in finding such a girl.
You just may get lucky.
I m sure your parents must have had a hearty laugh on hearing the 7points of their son.

Saale le raha hai uski..
Ankit said…
with the configuration(it sounds like that) of your propective wife, she can be chalta firta amway advertisement dude!!

Now the jigsaw fits in....all ur past (potential)gfs did fulfil the criteria...yoohoo...

on a serious note, best of luck for ur future...:-))

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