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This is just an announcement I had to make! I could have put it in a comments part, but not everyone would have read it.
This goes out to all the writing talents
LDS at NIT, Jam. is coming out with a literary mag. It will be an official coll. mag. Nandan (my junior from Goa) asked me to write something. But I just had a brilliant idea, why not ask all those of us alumni interested to write a piece (about life after coll.) and give them more work in deciding which one/s to use.
We've got good writing talent here and all of our work needs a final polishing (but thats what LDS & co. are for ;D).
So mail your entries to nandansawkar[at]gmail[dot]com
Happy writing.



raj alakshendra said…
hello friends,
pata nahi wht has happened 2 me bt i hav lost interest in writing ... i don even feel like writting comments ... i thunk i hav gone into hibernation
Shayon said…
@ Dino
Dude, just a word of tech advice. Next time you share an email address publicly, write it like this - nandansawkar[at]gmail[dot]com.

Trust me, nandan is going to get spammed big time now, 'coz email addresses are very easy to be retrieved off the net, by spambots, when you publish them in the actual format.

As for writing for the mag, I am elated that mag is happening. I shall try to come up with something for the same. Any ideas about the deadline? I need it 'coz I'm currently vacationing and shall be unavailable for the next 2 weeks.

By the way, I am making you one of the administrators at The Wall Mag Dashboard so that you too can create IDs for the rest of the top floorers, as and when they ask for it. This vacation made me realize that I can't be accessible, always. I am sure you shall be able to figure your own way.

@ Raj
Dude, doncha worry about it. This condition is called Writer's Block and is very typical for every writer.

It will pass... so, cheer up! :-)
raj alakshendra said…
well m trying hard 2 overcome this block ...
when is the deadline for giving the entries coz the prob is I cant write when asked to write about something it gets very boring & I have to forcibly do it but when i feel like writing any crap then only i can do so..
I'm not sure about deadlines, but I guess the faster the better.

The website needs a new article...It's getting boring to see the same for the past coupla days..Somebody please post a new article..

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