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Hi Guys and a Gal :) . Its been quite some time since I have been planning to put up something on this but I am quite lazy to type anything. I hope no wud say yeh kaun hai etc but I guess yes ye kahan se agaya wud be the expression on ur face .
It was last Feb when I was getting bored in office, I recalled Rathz once telling me in col about TWM and had asked me join it(but in coll I rarely used to visit CC , I had los 2 pairs of footwares). I then started reading all the old posts and ever since then i have been frequently visiting it. Its really awesome and at times makes me nostalgic bout the gud old coll days. Mannu darr mat tu jo bada chdake CSC aur apni life ko batata hai wo mein poori story sabko bol doonga.

Nice to hear from all of you. I really got to appreaciate all of you for making TWM a platform for everyone to express their views. Let me stop here . I will come up with a longer post shortly :).


shanoob said…
DDaaa... UUU !!! ur also here... gr8.
Hey Shastha!
Nice to hear from you. It's been a long time. It's great to see familiar faces (or read what fam. faces have written). Don't be a stranger anymore. Share your views often too. From time to time we do do a lot of Bakar, but its fun.

raj alakshendra said…
welcome to our group .... raths has been telling abt u many a times ... i was eagerly waiting for ur post but its too small ..
post something abt ur life u hav been doing aftr coll...
Haan bhaiyya aa gaye tum..aur aate hi shuru kar diya wat u r at best at:Jala Do. :-)
Anyway,welcome!! I think we have got an another gud writer now!!!
Btw haan bata do public ko lemme hear also wat pol-khol you are gonna do coz i think there aint anything i ve have boasted about..
raj alakshendra said…
@ sastha
abe jaldi se mannu ka pol khol .... dusro ki bahut leta hai ... koi uski bhi le ... mannu ka pol khulne pe gandu sabse jada khush hoga ...
Hahaha.bhaiyya meri kewal ek banda one-sidedly le sakta tha woh tha vivin..but he was an absolute idiot who used to become a pyscho sometimes... uske alwaa i dont think ki koi meri le paayega .haan chaki used to say that woh sabki le leta hain but public used to avoid getting in argument with him coz he was the most irritating fellow after L of the LPG trio..

Lene se yaad of one more of my preys-Arun Prasad. There are some really bad ways in which i screwed (or rather he let me screw him)him but cant share this coz he had asked to swear that i wont tell anybody about HIS ONE BIGGEST CHUTIAPH

Junta please post some new article!!It's getting pretty boring..
I have a couple of posts ready but the internet is still nt working on lappy at home although it's activated ..
Unknown said…
Hi Shastha

welcome..sorry cudnt post a reply earlier..

so welcome to the party which mostly is all about 'leg pulling'..

yahaan sab ek dusrey ki poll kholtey rehtey when r u done wid ur post on mannu bhai; what all crazy things he's been doing post college??

:-) njoy..

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