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And I Move Again!

For the first time ever, I move back to the same city where I had been before. Is India running out of decent work places, now? Yes, you guessed it right. I have resigned from my current employment capacity at Pronto Networks; and now it's time to move back to Delhi, and join What more? I have been offered a fancy designation out there: Lead - Special Projects and Social Media.

For those who are wondering, this is gonna be my 4th employer, in my working span of 2 years and 2 months. Yeah, life's exciting. More so about the fact that my next employer is gonna be the Wall Street Journal! Ohkay, not exactly WSJ, but one of their sister publications, the Mint newspaper.

Well, there ain't much more from my side. But then, it's interesting to figure where life's taking me, every single year, every single moment!


raj alakshendra said…
welcome to delhi again ...
My my!
Congrats on the new job. You seem to be changing jobs faster than Raj changes girlfriends- ab Raj, load mat le!

Unknown said…
congratz shayon again.. \m/

btw Dion, Raj seems to be stuck this time !! ha ha ha.. And watz up at your end??
raj alakshendra said…
raths is correct ... m stuck badly ... i donno where all the girla hav gone ...
Sakshi said…
I am sure the world know my reaction :P
ABC said…

You can send us some sweets..ha ha ha..Share the joy..
Am visiting the website after a long time as had gone on vacation.

Congrats,Shayon! That sounds quite an interesting profile!
Sakshi said…
Actually a great idea.. lemme send you all virtual sweets :P

You vanished for a vacation.... awesome.. stories and pictures please...
Shalini said…
Bloghopped from Sakshi's space! Congrats!!!!!!
SO happy for both of you...:D
Shalini said…
And oh...Good luck! ;)

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