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bahot ho gaya !!!

where the hell are u guys ??? no post , no comments nothing ...

few days back i was talking with raths & he said that our site has become a matrimony & charity site ...

anyways by this time everybody must have known that chaki is getting married in Feb ... i was expecting a post from him but he is too much shy to do so ...
So , he won the contest for honeymoon trip ... Congrats to him ... he came from behind n gave a surprise to all of us .. Chaki , please put a post & tell us about ur love cum arrange marraige ...

Also our own chachaji (amit choudhary) , amit jayant (with nupur) n many more from 2k3 batch have tied the knot in past few months... the babe of 2k3 batch Richa is also getting married soon with some 2k1 senior...

I was thinking if people start getting married in this rate then very soon only we wall-mag guys would be left as bachelors...

I have found a new place of social networking ... Seriously I have got bored of twitter & facebook ... the new place is matrimony sites ... i opened my account in two sites & I started getting offers too ... i must say all were very bad .... if i have written that I am dark , does that mean that i want a dark girl too ?? but I am having fun ....something new is there ... waise bhi me & my parents couldnt find a match for me so lets see what these sites have in their packs ...

its raining continously in jsr from past three days n its chilling cold .... all work has gone on halt ..

I have screwed up my blackberry ... It hangs five times a day .. I doubt if it can survive for a year in my hand ...

thats all from my side ...


Rathindra said…
True, marriage is trending these days !

Chax ney to baaji maar lii..ab to usey honeymoon ke liye flight tickets dene padengey.. :)

And very interesting that you found new avenues for networking..hahahaha..

where are you? No updates..
Mainak said…
Ya definitely i will give an overview of my so called arrange-love-finally arranged-complicated marriage soon.
Just a bit busy but plz not for shopping n stuff :)
shastha said…
Congrates Chaki .. Sahi hai party.. :)
@ Chainak Maki!
Congratulations! How long have you known? And you never told us! Dude!

@ Raj,
I'm one of the biggest culprits- not having put up a post for so long!
Life's hectic here- as usual, but I need to make the time!
I can't believe that soo many people are married! Amit and Nupur? Richa? Oh my God! We're seriously behind in the game! At least Mainak is going to get us of the mark, hopefully more to follow and soon!

No promises on me posting something, but lets cross our fingers and hope.

Sakshi said…
I am going to sound super cliched- But hell, life is busy! Work-Shayon-Loads of weddings.. super happening year end!

I wished you on FB! And we want your story!
raj alakshendra said…
lets see whn that day comes whn u put a post ...
Mainak said…
Dec 6th 2010 i guess was a great day in terms of the number of ppl got married that day. As per my records its 4 ppl frpm 2K3 batch who got married that day
1. Amit Chaudhary
2.Amit Jayant
3. Nupur Singh
4. Rashmi Pandey

Plz append to the list if you have any more info :)
"If i have written that I am dark , does that mean that i want a dark girl too ??"

The most hilarious statement I have read lately . I wonder how much pressurized would the women folks feel for their looks ? Every guy wants a hot babe! Though it is bad on the part of us guys to be so much inclined to booty err I mean beauty, but we just can't help it. Probably that's the way we have been programmed.

Regarding marriage, I think by the time some of us(including me) marry, some of our batchmates would be changing the nappies of their babies or better(worse) would be taking their 4-5 year olds to schools.

Congratulations! We all are as much eagerly waiting for a post from you as you'd be probably waiting for your marriage. Write a post soon!

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