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BUSTED- Myths of Courts!

Heya Top Floorers!
First some GREAT news, I am an enrolled Advocate.. and now some Bad news, because of the stupid Bar examination that is supposed to happen in December, I am not allowed to practise in the courts as yet. And by practise it means that I cannot appear in front of a judge as an independent practising lawyer! But that does not mean that I can't give advise or not go to the court.
In the language of one of my seniors- I am nothing but glorified intern, who is allowed to wear the band and the gown!
But that also has an upside, I am not responsible for anything. I mean, I do my research and draft the petitions, but am not directly responsible to the clients.
So, yeah, I have been going to the Supreme Court of India for over a month.. and NO, SC IS HUGELY different from any of the courts that you all have seen in the movies. It is actually more of a circus than anything else...!!
My first hand experience about the Courts, well you can see it here!
But there are a couple of more things that you all must have seen in the Televisions or as a matter of fact in the Movies...

Like the statue of justice- There are none. Not in the Supreme Court, not in the High Court nor in any of the Lower courts that I have gone to. There is a plaque that says "Satyamev Jayate" on the back wall of the judges.

Oh, there is a secret door, from where the judges enter, and their attendants are not standing at their heads.. there are the court masters who are writing the orders as dictated by the judge in shorthand!
No, they do not break the tip of the pen any more, they hardly give any binding decisions, most of them are challenged the next day...

Oh and NO witnesses.. and no "Geeta pe haath rakh ke kasam khaao" this happens in the lower courts, but not in the Supreme Court! They just see, the expense- you have done on the lawyer!
The advocates in the Supreme Court ARE EXPENSIVE! Yup, there is a hierarchy.. and not every one who is an advocate can go and argue in the supreme court- BUT, if you are a common person, you can go as a petitioner in person and fight your case!
Yeah.. it is a funny world of Legal eagles.. and trust me- Every day, is a new surprise, and each day new fun...!!

PS: I will write the kind of things that the judges say in the court room.. soon! They are funny!


raj alakshendra said…
that was quite hilarious .......
the truth behind the court ... i read those points in ur blog too ... loved reading thm ...
@ Sakshi,
Thanks for the inside scoup on the real court life in India, and I'm definitely looking forward for more.
It must be a fantastic feeling to sit in the Supreme Court- at least for lawyers (it's probably much more prestigious to argue before the court, but all the same).
Are you working with your dad's firm?


P.S.: Who the f*** is the Sanjana female and what's all the talk about a Murugan theatre?
Unknown said…
Help, I'm surrounded by law !!

Lately I have been making talks with a big shot judge, discussing finer points in an agreement, buying stamp I havent done anything wrong just some formalities..

And now we've Sakshi's post straight from the Supreme Court ;)

Nice to read the proceedings from the SC..keep us posted with more experiences..


Have deleted the theater group comment considering it as spam !
Sakshi said…
Glad you liked it :)

Yeah, it is sorta fun.. you know seeing the lawyers make a fool of them selves, at times, and actually going on a fishing expedition in front of the judge.
Can be really hilarious!

For God sake, I will not charge, but you can send me work...!!!

PS: Yup, that other comment was a spam!
raj alakshendra said…
its good u r learning fast ... who knws if v need u in future :)
dont worry m not going to do anything wrong ...
Sakshi said…
DUHU, you need a lawyer just in case also! not only hen you murder know to draw up wills and all.. ;P
...@ish@... said…
So my search on LAYWER is over finally...

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