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Only a modest post

So finally a post from my side after a looooong time. May be my last post or last comment was way back in 2003!!.(even the archive disowned it).So the fear of getting ousted from this blog is what forced me to scribble something and mark my presence.

As a matter of fact, the concept of blogging has always eluded me. I have always tried to make sense of blogging but only succeeded partially. ‘I never do stuffs which do not come naturally to me’-this is what I told myself. But now I can trace the reason... When I was in Kolkata and half the college(not exaggerating!) was staying together in Kolkata, I never felt the urge to communicate with my friends via cyber space while in physical space I was sharing rooms with them, and sometimes bed(no pun intended).Albeit few of my best pals were in different places, the large number of new found friendships occupied the void. But now after coming to Bangalore, for few initials days the suddenly created ‘social circle’ void nearly choked me.But I recovered quickly, thanks to the skin-friendly climate and delicious eateries of Bangalore. May be this is how ‘self preservation’ works. As last night I was browsing through Karma’s newly posted pics from his London itineraries and chatted online with Andy in the morning, the memories of good ol’days came rushing back in my mind and the reminiscence of Kolkata days were enough to tickle my funny bones. In Bangalore I have been deprived of this funny moments. I can no longer crack jokes seamlessly here while talking to people, as half of my energy is wasted in deciphering the head gesture of them which looks something between a ‘yes’ n ‘no’:).

Am I facebook illiterate?

I feel energetic today. So back to back posts!!(actually got nuthin to do in my room)

Shanoob wanted to upload some of my photos on facebook but I pleaded him not to becoz facebook scares me. I have never understood the privacy settings(n I do not intend to) of facebook.If somebody uploads something,chances are there that virtually all facebook users will get that update!...and my this belief got firmly established when one of my school friends got update about my commenting on Karma’s snaps last night. How on earth he got that!!...

That’s why I use facebook as little as possible.While navigating on the pages I try to dodge all potential ‘data leaks’ by clicking less and scrolling more.Here are some of the sample 'news feeds' which caught my attention.....

# Shayantan’s comments(always on top)-first few words of his comments invariably are “WTF”,”What the hell” ,”holy s***”,”f***”etc (A one-stop place of slang vocab builder)

#A and B are now friends with C and D who commented on E’s photo(none of ‘em are my frnds:)..)

#only ‘Like’ buttons but no ‘don’t like’ button!!


Haha.The laziest ass among us is here.Sam,the eternal epitome of a slothful creature,is here ,even if this presence of his happens to be ephemeral.Feels good ! :)
Karma said…

The very presence of Sam is enuff to infuse laugher no matter whether he in "physical space" or in "Cyber space".

@sam finally u got a "skin frndly" climate!!So I hope when I see you again I would see you fairer.The extra layer of melanin u have gathered in kolkata,hopefully u have "lighten-ed" that considerably.So is your search for fairest north-indian bride still on?

@mannu ur barrage of vocubs will surely leave sam many letter E..
Unknown said…
ha ha..nice surprise..

true thoughts..

samik said…
@those who liked my post -thnx..

@karma my skin complexion doesn't bother me nemore.becoz down here in south I always stand out from the crowd(u know beauty is a relative term)

@rath what is the significance of the "metallica gesture sign" \m/ you have put?...does it mean my post was rockin??
samik said…
@karma nice observation on mannu's post :)..even all the E's are perfectly left aligned!!
ABC said…

ye the emoticon meant a 'rockin' post !!

FB can also put \m/ button besides the like button ;)..ha ha..
Sakshi said…
I actually had to look twice to re check if you had written. And, Just in case- I am Sakshi! :)

I agree with what Mannu has said :) and of course what Karma ji has said!

Its great to have your presence marked here!
And, well Shayon is in your news feed, coz he earns thanks to Social Media. So maybe you can take a couple of lessons from him :)

To All!
Shayon has arrived in Delhi! *YEAH I AM VERY HAPPY* and his new Delhi number has been activated, so those of you who can't reach him, know where to reach me!

Oh, and Samik, you want a North Indian Bride... hmmmm!!!
Mainak said…
@shamik bhattaharjee
So its only now u realized t essence of frienship?
I know u will get new friends who would extract t remainin hair of urs. But trust me none would do the way we have been doin.
I know u dont consider me to be ur friend n maybe thats the reason why u didnt bother to share ur new no. Dont worry i didnt try to get it from anyone either.
Next week i might go to blore n i would make sure that u dont have to meet me. So enjoy ur life.
raj alakshendra said…
even i too first thought this post was by sakshi... aftr reading i few lines i went bak to see who has written it ...

i must say the post so hilarious especially the last 3 points ... i just blasted into laughter ... we want more from the legendry samik

even i too feel fairer whn i go to south india ...

i knw u r the happiest person on earth on shayon coming bak to delhi ..
btw find a north indian bride for all of us ....
raj alakshendra said…
dont take load... he is too lazy to circulate his no .... m also not having his no ....
Unknown said…

arey load nahi leney kaa..
shanoob said…
we met twice in Bangalore... and Takls lives here as an underground don... He never comes out of his den and I really dunno what is he doing der...
But... good to have Sam back :)... will share his photos in picassa

and about me...

I joined IIsc Bangalore as a research student...
@ All
This is amazing, the proverbial Sloughtful Son is back!

@ Sam
What a surprise, like everyone else, I did a double take when I saw who wrote the post!
It's real good to hear from you and your invariably exciting life (you're worse than me- go out and PARTY!).
Are you still searching for a bride? And what happened to her being only Bengali? Broadening your horizons I see!

@ Raj,
Dude, your statement "even i too feel fairer whn i go to south india" made me laugh so hard here in the lab, people thought I'd gone a little off!
Ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha (I can't help myself)

Where is Shayon? The only news from him is Twitter updates and Facebook updates about him drinking his arse off! I haven't seen him on the blog for long!
samik said…
@Chainak Itna gussa!!!..After I finished reading ur comment,an image of a ‘stressed out face with a deep frown’ appeared in front of my eyes and haunted me for the whole day. But believe me I am so consumed by guilt over my carelessness that I tried to strangle myself .Plz don’t be angry at me. Whenever u r angry with me remember the good times when me,Ratz and X spent holydays in ur house and what we caught X doing..(ratz does it ring a bell?)..
On a more serious note .....I m really sorry..
samik said…
@Dion yes I hv changed my outlook. Now I want a north Indian bride ,a Bengali father-in-law(who will always be buried in newspapers) and a south Indian mother-in-law(who will only listen to carnatic music).I hv found the ingredients of a happy family.

@Sakshi Hi,I know u well from the word of mouth/ mouse.But I hv to b very careful 4m now on for u may sue me for any bad comments..
[thank God Shayon is in Delhi now.If he were in Bangalore he’d hv [peeee] the [peeeee] out of me for commenting on him]

@Raj thnx yaar for supporting me.u r my only true friend.and ur comment made me laugh too.

@myself ur quota of writing in this blog is over.Now u can again take another 7 yrs break
Sakshi said…
My GAWD we need some controversy to wake you guys up...!!! Please keep bombing with unusual stuff so that we can have the comment count going...

Shayon is in Delhi! And, I have been asking him to, but he is just not writing. *BTW- I also get his live update thanks to Social Media*

Blah! I am not suing any one. And Shayon has become non violent, and I am going to be the last person to bail him out if he punches ppl! esp fun loving lk yourself!
So, don't go into hibernation.. and keep giving us our laugh!

You all want punjabi girls for brides? WOW! You think you can take so much of mirchi in one go?
Well, I'll keep my eyes open... ;P

Baap RE! Itna Gussa! You know, Shayon never gives his new number to ANYONE! And, whenever he changes his numbers/phones, he doesn't have even his parent's number- He is JUST too lazy. And, I have been rudely woken up by many to trace Shayon!
So, this laziness is just a trait I guess!
Calm down re- ek phone number hi toh hai! Load lene ka nahi..dene ka re! :)
raj alakshendra said…
its so good to see so much activity here .... finally all lazy asses have woken up ... the same old excitement has come ...

m serious ... whn i had gone to bang i had seen many people much more darker than me ... it was proud moment for me :)
Karma said…
@raj "whn I had gone to bang"... ha ha ... Atleast make "b" in caps.It sounds something else......

@sam u see sam , one "modest post" garner-ed u 17 comments!By the way chainak is really pissed off with you..u better do something to get rid of his "stressed out face with a deep frown" ;-)
Mainak said…
@Taklu as we better know him
So I haunted u for the entire day rite? Thank God at least I was able to touch some part of ur boring and lazy life :-P . The incident related to X caught doing Y might have been erased from some of our memories. But let me warn you that X is also a member of this group and what he can do we all are aware. X’s silent words can bring down anything n Im sure Rathindra would dare speak anything related to this incident.
Since you are so lonely in B’lore I would suggest you to get married to a South Indian Gal. I know its difficult at your age to find a gal but this is the moment, only mass marriage can come handy.
Those of you don’t know much bout it let me give U an insight of it. Since the past 3 yrs 4 months I have been stationed here in South only. It’s a very rampant practice here. There are huge marriage halls where some 20-30 brides n grooms are lined up and they get married that too without seeing the brides face …… usually some politician or wanna be politicians sponsor and give blessing during the occasion to garner public support.

It was really hilarious to read that u feel very comfortable in the bottom part of India. I can understand the hidden sentiments………..

Hope I got ur name correct this time  if not pardon me coz im an ultra slow learner. Sharing your new number when u change it signifies 2 things
1.U don’t want ppl to call u
2.U want to escape from someone’s calls but can’t say it directly “Plz don’t call me”

Being lazy in this matter definitely gives the wrong notion/motive of the person. It can be excused had u not given ur no even to ur parents n relatives  correct me if I have said something wrong Wakeel Saab 

Anyway under which sections can this lazy jackass named Taklu be booked. If there are no sections for his crime then better find one :)
Unknown said…
S & M are now friends.

S,R,K commented on a post.

All the bangs and X's.

Now I feel the need of a 'like' button !!


Sam is planning a national much to spread national harmony and integration..gr8 ;)
Sakshi said…
You better start spelling my name right. Else- I'll kill you! Its SAKshi and NOT SHAkshi

You can book Sam under mental harassment or negligence... whichever you like better ;P

Definitely need a button to spread the smile thru this page. :)
Mainak said…
Sorry M'am i said naa that im a slow learner u need to be patient with me. Hope as time passes i would be able to spell ur name 100% flawless.
raj alakshendra said…

ha ha ha ... sakshi , mast bola
Sakshi said…
Sure, the day you spell and say my name correctly.. I'll say your name right too!
I am v patient.. Maindhak :P

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