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The Best Teacher ::::>> LiFe

There are few things life taught me in such short span of time,i just felt like sharing with you guys as i feel friends are the second family...
  • A man have no idea what will happen in future still he leave no stone unturn to make future plans.Sometimes it get some how happen others NOT
  • Every thing in life happens for a reason,if you sit down and think with calm head you will get to know that everything happens consequently and also each incident triggers other.
  • There is always a importance of every person you meet in your life,some time you get to know that at once else sometimes it takes ages.
  • If you experience a height of happiness a black face of sorrow is hiding behind it,after shadow of sadness hopefully happiness is waiting to come (i am waiting for it!!)
  • you never know the importance of something unless you lose it (i know everyone know it,still.....)
  • God always takes away some thing you love the most,and i guess he love to do that.people say this way he test you as he is the one who gave you.
  • And the most special one, when you have nothing to loose you will feel awesome strength within you!!!(i experienced it)


Shayon said…
Aaisha, you know, there's one point out of the ones you have jotted down, that I'd like to improvise upon. Yes, you are right when you say that you do not understand the importance on something until you lose it. But then, did you ever sit back and realize that once you get something dear back in your life, after losing it once, you realize how indispensable that person/thing is, in your life. I personally believe that nothing is permanent in this life. You got to lose everything you have, today or tomorrow. It is just a function of time. So, the best way out is to try and do best within the resources you have, in your hands. Because, remember, there could have been much worse circumstances. Since you say you *have* lost something important, you should understand it all the better how important it is to make the most of it, today. Rather, right now!

And as for God, I really have no comments.
raj alakshendra said…
i dont think i can give better advice than shayon ....

have patience .... its takes time to come out of any situation ... try to find good around u ...
n keep smiling ..

btw i can see the ladies touch in the post ... its so organised .. :)
...@ish@... said…
THANKS for the comforting words from wise men :)
i guess you are right Shayon, i will take your humble advice and try to follow it.
and you know Raj,i can say maine patience ko ghol ke pe liya hai.Still i will make sure & try to be happy!!!
samik said…
@Shayon Oh! such thoughtful thoughts.You remind me of Shiv Khera from 'You Can Win'..u were so right when u said 'u got to lose everything in life'..and I m losing my hair.
Sakshi said…
You winsome, and you lose some, but what needs to be held on to is your faith in the fact- That whatever happens, happens for good. That good may come soon or late!
Just hold on to it girl!
...@ish@... said…
hey Sakshi, thanks honey !!
i too believe strongly in that, so can say i am in kinda wait mode :)
raj alakshendra said…
the wait will get over soon ...
Raj's above quote,"the wait will get over soon" can be applied to your hair. Don't worry,the wait to baldness will end soon :-D

Nice one! These lessons ,though cliched, are quite true!

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