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Happy Birthday Raths

oh sorry for the late post ... was busy the whole day ... anyways many many happy return to u .. enjoy ur day ... we pray that ur creativity does wonders ....

have fun


Karma said…
@raj amazing peice of collage....gud 'ol pix never fail to cheer me !!

Wish a be=elated b'day Rathz...may u get wiser as ur hair gets whiter more and more so....may god give u the strength to withstand the GPL u might be treated with ! may success may shower you as hard as the rain-fall in the wettest parts of Assam ! Nd may you get more chicks than the number of frnds you have in your facebook !!

In short ....have a great b'day pal !
ABC said…
shukriya doston..I got your wishes throughout yesterday.spent a good day..

Karma, chick ek honey sey bhi chalegii !!
Well, I had posted a comment on this post and on Karma's post few days back, but I'm surprised to see that they didn't get published.
Anyway,a very happy birthday. Abey 26 saal ka ho gaya hai tu, ab shaadi kar le. :-D

Very good collage. Brought back memories of those great days!
raj alakshendra said…
thanks frnds
i too faced the same prob ...
the comments were nt being posted ...

btw for the first time in my life i made a collage for a guy ...
Unknown said…
I know I am very very late in reacting. Anyway, better late than never.
Rathz, wish you a very happy belated birthday, man. and hopefully we'll meet in Mumbai, in January. Cheers!
ABC said…
There was one comment which was removed by the author, so I deleted that permanently..

Mannu & Shayon..Shukriya..Ye..we can catch up in Mumbai..

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