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The Wall Mag reunion @ Delhi

It was a great time spent in Delhi ... I donno how those three days passed away ... The best of them was the "wall-mag" reunion. It was nice to see many guys turning out ... we talked about old college days like manvender's 1st year plate & spoon incident to Dion's sexy boxers. . .
I love leg pulling of Sakshi ... some notable incidents of the evening...

1) The confusion of the evening was that Debu thought Sakshi to be official fiance of Shayon ... it will take some time but we already consider her to be our Bhabhi ...

2) Grand entry of the evening was of Gandhi ... we all were eagerly waited for him for some one hour...

3) Best scene of the evening was Shayon bringing Coffee for Ayesha from some other store (as coffee machine was not working in our place) & sakshi shouting" how dare u treating my boyfriend as ur servant" ... oh .. these girls r alwez jealous of each other ..

4) emotional moment of the evening " Ayesha giving diwali gifts to all of us" . I think we should also have gifted her as being the new member ... but we dont care .. ha ha ha ..

5) surprise package of the evening was Sakshi's friend , Prutha ... After seeing her , I fell for her on the spot beautiful , so fair... so sweet to talk ...i am short of words for her ... the only thing missing in her was a dark red lipshade ...

6) glamour of the evening was Ayesha ... she was looking mind blowing & heavenly... everything was just perfect ... nobody was more excited than her for this event from she day she shifted to delhi ... btw i also hold some credit for her beauty ... the dress she was gifted by me ... I know she is going to kill me for this ... Anyways dear u were looking gorgeous ... a classical beauty ...

I think we all should meet once in a while like this .... we missed other guys in the reunion .. hope to see u all soon ....


Unknown said…
@Raj: Trust me. The only thing that Aaisha's gonna be mad about is you spilling out what all you gifted her, and that she had actually gotten dressed for the occassion :) Well, staying with Sakshi for all these years did teach me a few things here and there.

@Rest of the absentees: You should definitely check out the rest of the pics on Raj's FB account. They came out really great. And oh, you were sorely missed too.
Unknown said…
Gr8 to see the folks together..
@ Raj,
Thanks for the post and the pics!

@ Event attendees,
I owe each one an apology for not calling!
Great to see a lot of the guys get together! Haven't seen all of you'll in person since leaving Jam.
I do hope the G-man kept everyone entertained!

@ Shayon,
I think you need to (and apparently can) teach Raj a few manners when it comes to women!
Ha ha ha ha ha! It's hard to keep his mouth shut!

@ Everyone,
I'm off to Vancouver Canada for a conference next week. Hopefully I'll get to see the place a bit.

@ Sakshi,
I need to send you my no.- sorry I keep forgetting, so I'm gonna do it right now!

raj alakshendra said…
sorry wont do .. write a post .. its been ages u have written something ...
...@ish@... said…
well Shayon do you remember i gave some money to Raj.It was for that dress n other things so i actually paid for my things.
so mr Raj plz stop praising yourself for no reason.......

Yeah it was really nice opportunity to meet everyone!!
raj alakshendra said…
i accept ur words n i say u sorry for that ....
Mainak said…
itni bhi kya kanjoosi???
Gift kar hi dete
At least dont discuss these things in public :)Shame on U that u took money from the new Gal ......
GPL karenge sab milke tera :-P
Mainak said…
@the group
it was really nice to see all since its been ages(minus the females :)
must have enjoyed a lot as the pics suggest.
All have changed considerably and the signs of aging are clearly visible.
Gandhi and Raj especially looks far more older than the others with their receeding hairline

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