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Amateur shots

As the journey progresses, shall be uploading more shots at my flickr photostream.


Unknown said…
@Mann: The first pic is one of the photos I had clicked while waiting for you, last night, for which I had to wave my Press card in front of the mall managers face :)
Sakshi said…
This is the first time that he has ever done anything like that.

The only other thing that he has ever used his press card for is to take discount at TC's (Local Pub, where we have Media night)...
Other wise- No favour using the press card is his motto!

Girlfriend ke liye toh bilkul bhi nahin!:(
I like the last pic.Very good indeed.The first pic looks like it has just been snowing there.
raj alakshendra said…
Kool pics ...Al r to the perfection ...
So is it that a good camera makes a good photographer !!!
Anyways the fire to get such a camera has ignited inside me ...
@ Shayon,
I like your policy- there should be no extra favours for anyone. I wish our politicians could do the same.

With regards to the pics, I really like them. The best was the second one. The third one had a bit too much exposure (the center of the flames are white- over saturation), but maybe that's the look you were going for.
Is the first one in panaroma view? Can your cam do that? And how is it that the colours (except for red or orange) are muted? That reminds me of Schindlers list where there's that girl with the red dress or hankie- can't remember exactly- and everything is b/w.

@ Raj,
Buy a simple one first and learn how to take pictures (the different aspects of photography, etc.). It's fairly easy to pick up and there's a lot of help online (plus trial and error never goes out of style).

@ Sakshi,
No favours for anyone! And why would a lawyer require the perks of a press man? In Goa, if you've got a lawyer sticker on your vehicle, the cops stay far away from you! Ha ha ha ha.

Sakshi said…
In Delhi too they stay away.. why the hell do you think, am I able to reach on time to work!
I have the lawyer band on display all the time :)

And BTW- If you hadn't notice, the Press now days has way more power than my Bar Id card!

But favours that I ask for are things like- entry into the music concerts etc that is organized by the radio channel owned by HT!

Which btw- is very much allowed- or asking or getting me connected to the right people in case I need to get an event promoted!

My father's friend in the Legal Department at HT has more contacts that ways than Shayon. If only I did not have ego troubles with her!

For the record-
I had asked him to get me the opening gala passes for the CWG.. but my mom turned out to be more resourceful than him!
Even though we did not go for the opening-
My mom not only got us passes for the concerts that were happening all over Delhi( Because they were free events, all you needed were passes, which were mostly not available at the two places that were mentioned) but she also managed to get us the Closing Ceremony Passes!
She was a volunteer at the CWG! :)

Petty little things that make no difference what so ever, are not misuse of power!
Misuse of power, and waving your press card for a stupid concert for which you have free access to any ways- are different things!
Unknown said…
@Mann: Snowing? Haha!

@Raj: Thanks, man. By the way, sure the quality of the camera helps a lot in taking good quality pictures. But other things that matter are perspectives, knowledge on lighting, and techniques. As for these 3 pictures, the last two are heavily edited. If I showed you the original photographs, you'll curse me for "wasting" 40 grands on a camera. They were that bad :) So yeah, the skills of photo editing also come in handy when you shoot really bad photographs and/or suck at frame composition.

@Dino: I too like the second one the most, among these 3. The first one a basically a technique called "color selection" where you just need to select one color in the frame, and the camera automatically mutes every color other than the hues of the one you chose. I had chosen the little girl's pink colored dress. I was actually experimenting. Here's a little better implementation of the same technique -

@Sakshi: Waving a press card to get passes for the CWG inauguration/closing is not a favor? :o Were the seats really available, for free, for the general masses? Plus, there's a difference between having "contacts" and using them. The moment you use them, that's "calling for a favor".

And well, why would someone even need to wave a press card "for a stupid concert for which you have free access to any ways"? The moment you feel the *need* to wave a press card, it means it's not freely accessible :)

Once you start off with the favors, there's no looking back. And well, you never know how and when shall they come back to bite you.
Sakshi said…
For some one in the news paper, you sure are far behind in the the general awareness around you.
It was a well known fact that, all the EVENTS that were being hosted during the CWG were for free. The tickets to the sporting events were not. But to the cultural events they were.
And the reason why those tickets were being hoarded was- you know the usual reasons.

Therefore- if you are a person of the press etc, you were given those passes as against to being the mango junta.
My mother was able to arrange for the passes and tickets because- She was a volunteer in the CWG!

You think that favors come and bite you back.. but I specified- something really silly and giving a petrol pump out of turn are two different things!

And yes, I differ in the opinion!
Unknown said…
@Sakshi: Tell me something. You are a lawyer. Could you please differentiate between "Gnu Public License [GPL]" and "Mozilla Public License [MPL]" to all of us?

Just because I work in a media house, why am I expected to be aware of every single time a prime minister squishes an ant's ass?
@ All,
I like the discussion between Shayon and Sakshi. Best part is that it's about morals and ethics- and a lawyer and a pressman are fighting about it!

@ Sakshi and Shayon,
I have to agree with Shayon here. Small favours tend to escalate in to larger ones down the line! And so where do you start and where does it all end? I'm sure most people started small and made contacts which made the favours down the line fairly grave!
Additionally, Shayon is right about the need (or lack thereof) to wave a press pass for something that is/should be rightfully yours! If the event was open to all, then there should be no need to garner favours for entry to the said event. Since the passes weren't freely available- as you yourself have acknowledged, for the 'usual' reasons, then Shayon is not to blame for exerting restraint, even though he may be the easier target.
We need to clean up the way things work, but my words mean nothing without the actions of me and or someone else to implement them.
I see the world as black and white. I'm not denying the fact that the world truly exists in shades of grey, it's just that I prefer to work with right and wrong.
I'm an idealist and maybe that will be my downfall someday, but I believe that if you budge on one thing/matter then your moral authority starts to flounder. Why are some sins/'favours' righter that others? If it were right, it wouldn't be called a sin, now would it?

Let's pray for my foolish and idealistic soul (this deserves a post- maybe over the weekend I'll pen something down)!

Sakshi said…

You know Dion, I used to think that the world is nothing but black and white. Or for that matter- that even though there are the shades of grey that exist, I don't need to venture out to them.

These are my morals. And those will I follow.

But in the practicalities of life, the shades of grey vary to such an extent that you can't even find on the palate of the colors that is available in the market.

Shayon often tells me that, he is not really a 'press man'.. and with all due respect to his job and career, and to the fact that he has seen life way more than what I have-
In my last one year of being a litigator, and the two months that I spent in an NGO, way back in 2005, have open a floodgate of what morals really are.

Lets forget the passes- lets forget the VIP treatment...

How would you feel, if on a Monday morning- Your case is the first case that has been listed, but because another lawyer mentions his case first and the Judge thinks its right- The judge 'pleases' or is 'pleased' to listen to the other case over yours, which has been listed.. thus messing up the rest of the order of the court cases, you have to attend.
You will argue- That there must have been an urgency...
But, it is the decision of the one sitting on the higher table.. no matter if your other client goes to hell.

what would you call that? The judge doing his duty or doing a favor?
I say this in the light of what a judge in the lower court pulled me about- I had to get a matter listed urgently in the court- And when I mentioned it- He told me, that you can't just come and mess up the system according to your wishes...

Doesn't matter- how urgent it was..!! *It was a corporate espionage case, where my client is losing money each day!*

The line between a saint and a sinner, is not defined by the principles of the moral code of conduct written by the society- As a matter of fact, Shayon is the last one who believes in a 'Code', Moral and principles, in the world of today are ONLY as good, as they can help you achieve what you want.

I know, I sound twisted and mean. But, what I have and what I see each day in court, just makes my belief stronger- That I need to truly fulfill, what my karma is. Yes, even if it means that, I defend a criminal.
A doctor cannot operate if his hands shake... and I can't let a person I know who is a criminal go to jail without a fair trial.

It is a sick feeling, when the rights and wrongs are changed each day in court. These rights and wrongs change the meaning of a person's whole life.

For each deed that you do, you are doing a favor.. to whom you don't know. But each action of yours starts a chain of events, that, you have no idea about.

I have learnt, and I am learning, that there are certain principles, that are there to live, and others- to mould in the need of the hour.

And, with this- I rest my arguments and my case.
I will not comment on it further!
Thanks :)

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