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A gift of love from Kolkata

Hi Junta!

I am pretty sure most of us are emaciated and wilted in this searing heat.Yesterday rain storm caught Kolkata off its guard and a result the mercury has drooped by quite some degrees.Seasons first shower is alwayz special and as a result this sudden downpour has spurred the urge of the eastern forces to do what they are proficient at - yes guyz time for another ConstructiveKarma Creation ! This time we have veered from the usual stuff and ventured into hitherto uncharted realm - LOVE.The final product is nearly done.This post is merely a teaser to the original post to come.So stay put junta.

P:S The poster might seem to be li'l tacky.Please bear with us.


Wowwwww! Amazing.Awesome poster :-D
It looks as though it's a really professional thing! This is gonna be fun!Can't wait for the real thing.
Karma said…
Hmm..I guess outside the mercury might be soaring but here in our wall mag its pretty kool judging by the 'thanda' response this post has garnered.
Everyone is 'cooling' their heels I guess.

@mannu I hope u like it coz I am very jittery about what we gonna deliver!
Sakshi said…
This IS totally TOTALLY awesome.... CAn't wait.. we should probably have a proper launch party and all...!!! Wow...
raj alakshendra said…
hey its not a thanda responce .. v r eagerly waiting for the final product...

its interesting to knw that u all r working on the most complicated n confused topics of all time called "love" ...

dont test our patience ... be fast ...
raj alakshendra said…
forgot to say that the poster is ultimate ...
Unknown said…
ye..we actually could have arranged for a launch party if we all would have been in the same city.. :)
Karma said…
I wish we could have a launch party!

@Ratz lets start a production house.We could use the crew from topfloorer.We have a freelancer marketeer,a lawyer,a former online-content writer/pro blogger/consultant etc ,couple of manager in making,quite a few guitarists.....quite an ensemble.What say?
raj alakshendra said…

lets think abt it seriously ..
I'd so mindblowing to do something like that and who knows someday,even if that day comes some years down the line,we might be giving it a concrete thought.I'm sure we'd not have to look for anyone from outside;we all are a great team.

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