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A superb add by Tata Motors...

While driving I found this add ... thought of sharing with u all...

follow the add ...


Hi all,
Wassup? Howzz it going pals ?
Sakshi said…
Its the HEAT. It is killing and wilting.. blah.
Looks like this community is really dead! Ha ha ha ha ha.
How's everyone one been? I'm really bushed with work here. I hope things will be a little more relaxed come mid-June/July.

Unknown said…
I have two incomplete posts but they remain in status quo!!

More than from anybody, a post is due from Dion..Come on..we want to read something from you..

I'm melting..going into the freezer again ;)

raj alakshendra said…
i too have two posts , one of them an interesting one on my farewell date but the inactivity demotivates me to put me anything ... now a days , cant see much of comments too ..

il kill u SOB if u dont put a post .. i know hw busy u r ... sala paitra ...

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