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Raj's stupidities

Here we go with the first entry of the contest.


1) 11 years back.Class 8th.Rewind to Feb 1998

My cousin sister's wedding was going on.As my dad was quite busy so he gave his camera to take pics. I love to take pics.It was a Yashica brand camera.During that period,most of the people used to have that.
So,I started with my task. It was a fully manual camera,so everytime I had to roll it.It used to show numbers which show how many pictures have been been used . It was the pre-wedding period( with all rituals of a hindu wedding) so there was no professional photographer Or I should say I was the only professional to take the pics of this pre-wedding ceremony.After completing a whole cycle of 36 pictures the counting again came back to 1. I was surprised, so I asked my dad about this & he told that some counting problem is there in the camera. So I continued.In between, one of my aunts commented “Raja babu sirf flash chamka rahe ho ki koi photo bhi le rahe ho”. I replied “dekhna kitna mast photo aayega aur bina reel ke flash nahi chamakti hai”.
Whn the counting again came to 20 then I some doubts started springing in my head. I guessed that old pic is being superimposed with the new ones .So I forced my dad to take me to the photoshop.And I was shocked to know the problem.Meri language mein bole to pairo tale jaamen khisak gaya. Any guesses.?

The was no roll in the camera. I was in an utter disbelief to know that.On hearing this, I felt as though something hard has hit my heart. I felt so low and upset. People trusted me and I failed. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. I was scared that Dad would give me a good scolding.But Thanks Heavens!my dad didn't say anything and told me to continue with my work.He gave me some back up rolls and also taught me how to put it in a camera .

But the thing I still regret is that nobody has the pics of those two days.

2) This one dates back to nov'07 and only a few of you know about it.There is a small story behind it. After joining the Job in Aug'07,I had presented a pendant to Nikita (am writing this word after a looong time). It was not a simple one. It was of Tanishq.I had got a discount for being a Tata employee. Anyways,coming back to the pendant.It was a hexagon shaped gold pendant with diamond studs at each of the six
vertices.I had seen her wearing it only once, but things were not going good between us, so i stopped talking to her by the end of same month.It was the same time when Dion,Raths,Karma had come to Jamshedpur.We again started talking in september. But the things didnt improve much, so finally i myself ended up everything before Durga Puja.Madhulika was to give me her birthday treat in November.Incidentally,Raths and Madhullika have their birthdays on the same day. During the treat, she gave me a thing.It was the same pendant.I got really pissed off And Nikita had also sent a message along with it to give it to my mom. Mera dimaag kharab ho gaya. I returned back it to Madhulika saying it to give it to her or throw it in kharkai. After forcing a lot she finally took it back.I had to drop her back to college since it was quite late. While crossing the kharkai bridge something clicked me and i just stopped the bike in the middle of bridge. Madhulika got the hint what i was going to do,so she refused to give me the pendant. She requested me many a times.
But she had no other option. I took it from her. I kept hanging it for
few seconds in my hand and finally released it to fall in the waters of
Kharkai. The diamonds were sparkling till it had completely submerged in the water.It was really a Titanic type scene.So, this is the whackiest act I have ever done.

So,with Raj's idiocy,we have finally kicked off the contest.Keep posting your comments .


Though,I posted the article but couldnt control myself from being the first one to comment:
Raj- is this what u cal a "whacky,stupid" act?Is there anything whacky about it..Mujhe hansi hain..Ha ha
Shayon said…
Seriously... I'd rather say that a much "whackier" thing that Raj had ever did was to throw off *something* on the waters of Kharkai, something that had costed him 5 grands and a lot more (not necessarily the moolah)!
Ya! the incident you mentioned can certainly be categorised as whacky.
Btw,What do you mean by "a lot more" ?
ABC said…
raj has certainly done whackier stuffs than what he gave his entry as..

think ppl can write whackier stuff about others rather than pen down their own..

hey i'm still in contention ;-)
Sakshi said…
I agree, I am sure this can't be put in the category of whacky...especially by Raj..!!!
What's this Kharkai thing (episode)? I missed it! Please elaborate.
By the way, I'll have a post by the end of the week- something about a trip!

raj alakshendra said…
even i too agree that its not that much whacky... actually i was not able to recall anything ...
now after reading the comments i got to remember a few... but if i have the permission then il mail that kharkai thing to mannu ... entries r open o not???
i shud say that kharkai episode was a top class madness...
Wahi toh main bol raha tha tujhe pehle..u must have done something whackier than this...Entries are still open..Just send it..ABC has also sent his entry :-)
Unknown said…

when's the next post ..
I have edited the post to include Raj's second whacky act and I must say that I found the second one really realy whacky.Only a guy ,man enough can do something like this.Looks like a filmi scene,i tell you.It needs determination & of course,madness to do something like this.Kudos!!
So,finally the temperature of the website is rising :-)
Sakshi said…
WOHO RAJ... Way to go... I know a lot of people who should be determined like you to put their past behind them...and really move on. Whacky...!!! Btw- apart from titanic, it reminds me of, Jab we met too...!!!
raj alakshendra said…
hey i have done a jab we met type thing too... one day i burnt some 10 of photos of nikita out of sheer anger n flushed it out in my kitchen washbasin..

also i did a sweet november copy ...i had gifted her full box of gifts with an index paper guiding how to open all the gifts

m recalling all of my whacky ideas... nw i feel m crazy...
Shayon said…
Dude, doncha think you're trying a bit too hard to *win*? ;-)
raj alakshendra said…
its all history now n i had deleted everything out of my just enjoy it... even m laughing at my crazy ideas ... its all part of life... its a funny contest n dont draw out any conclusion out of it .... m jus enjoying my life presently
Mainak said…
I feel ur really a Dumb ass. At least if u wanted to show ur anger you could have just acted as if ur throwing the Pendant in water(as if Madhulika could have figured out if u have really threw it down :) in the dark). What u gain by that
1. A guy of substance
2. The news that Raj has thrown some 5-6K in Kharkai
3. The news would have definitely burnt down the GH
4. Nashta Boss a real hero
5. Usko wapas bech deta aur Party manata for being single
6. Name of the post could have been Raj and his Cleverness
Ha ha ha..
Chaki's on fire
Sahi bey, Mainak- aate hi aag laga di. And seems like your sense of humour has really come a long way.Great start :-).Gud points
Unknown said…
chax has a point..

raj ur reply ??

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