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Who wants to be Mr. Whacko? (A CONTEST)

              TWM's 'SCHOOL OF STUPIDITY' invites applications from TOPLFOORERS for 'Who Wants to be Mr. Whacko ?' Contest
Yo!! Yo!! Yo!!
At the onset, three BIG cheers for the neversay die,cheerful & hooliganstic spirit of Topfloorers..
As has already been declared on the website,to add an another golden chapter in the glorious history of the website,I'd like to take the opportunity to invite the great assholes of this website to participate in the "Who wants to be the TWM Whacko" contest.
All you guys have to do ,is take sometime off from your busy schedules(applies to people who are actually busy not to others like me :D), just walk down the memory lane & tell us what stupid/weird/whacky fetes have you been able to achieve till now .
Please don't feel embarrased or ashamed of sharing your legendary acts because 1)Firstly,even if you'll try to be a sober,perfect person ,the junta will rip you apart as we all know each other very well & how much screwed up heads we have & how much stupid we actually are!
2) This once in a life time opportunity doesnt come again.If you share your these antics with others(apart from us) ,all you are going to get in return is either stares or judgements :D.So spill it out here without any fear of criticism/judgements & to add to that who gets an award for their stupidities ?"It's your moment ,man.Go Grab it!! ".D
You have to let us know , at least,two whackiest,insane acts which you have personally/collectively accomplished till now .We trust you that there won't be any fabricated stories 'coz we are looking for 'genuine talent'(No pun intendend :D)
Please think over it well ..Spend a night brooding and mulling over it,if you have to .Do some soul-searching ,introspection/retrospection or whatever shit & I'm sure that you all will have something to brag out & we will provide you the right platform to be proud of it. :D
Terms & Conditions :
1.Your entries should be there in the mailbox of the undersigned LATEST by "Friday-the 13th" morning ..Don't any of you dare to delay it else The Devils will rise on this most dreaded day in mythology.
2.All applicants will be judged on various parameters like the nature & quality of insanity/stupidity/whackiness/weirdness & finally Mr.Whacko of TWM will be declared on the basis of  public voting(if the word reminds you of "American Idol" crap or it's desi version,it's hight time that you shitheads visit the "Television Addicts Rehabs "(if they exist,in the first place :-) )
For the female members, there will be a jury "mention" for Miss Whacko ,if at all she makes the cut .:D. We have to remember that  Women's Day is behind us & they have to remember that in a male dominated society err website they can cry out horse about feminist issues but all we can give them is just a day to celebrate in one year.That's more than we can give them & too less than they always demand :0 And for those finicky souls who thought that there was a typo in the female members since there is just one female on the website,please remember that you'll be doing a huge disgrace to those who have been by some oversight endowed by the Almighty with manly features but have never realised or utilised this great gift from God  .
With Best Insane Ideas 24 * 7,
 Mannubhai -The Madman
A Veteran & Proud Topfloorer

EDITED to ADD: All the top floorers have also been sent e-mails. I sincerely hope that there is great enthusiasm for the same...!!! (Sakshi)


If you are reading this comment,then I give u the responsibility to motivate the folks from Kol..I know that Sam has done some really crazy shit in his school days but he's too lazy to jot it down..Ask Karma also..

Btw grapevine is abuzz with talks that Shayon ,Gandhi & me are the frontrunners but I'm sure there are gonna be a lot of dark horses like Sam & probably Dion(dude dont feel shy please,let us know abt ur clandestine stripclub visits in Philly.hahaha)

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