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I have been to a few places around Kolkata on picnics & outings. Each of the places were dusty and void of any vegetation. The attraction on those trips had been just the boat trips & of course the company. I always liked my travels, the wind beating on your face, the rural elements going past you, keeping your eyes fixed on the flight of a flock of birds, enjoying the sun go up & then, taking in all the moonlight inside you & in between the powerful beams from opposite traffic shakes you up. These are things which are abstract & can be savoured anywhere. It's also important that the place you go should be 'good'.

On holi, we (Rahul, Suman, Abhinav, Samik, Karma & me) went to Mandarmani, some 240 Kms from Kolkata & I will surely recommend this place to anyone looking for a escapade out of Kolkata. Around same time last year me, Samik & Mannu had been to Digha. I tell you, that was first time I'd been to a beach and not taken to the waters. Mandarmani is just near to Digha, but is relatively unexplored. Constructions are underway in full swing in Mandarmani to bring in more people from the city. Though for the time being you can have the vast expanses of the beach to yourself.

The plan began with Rahul, he had worked very hard at office and wanted to have sort of breather. Well, all of us wanted a breather. Digha was initially planned, but me & Samik were apprehensive of going to Digha again. After long conference calls on the day before Holi, we finally decided to go Mandarmani.

A qualis was booked at Rs 10 per kilometer( I couldnt bargain for any less, I should have done better though !!). To maximise our stay at the beach, we started off at 3'o clock in the morning. Looking at the city at the wee hours with just the police patrols & the a few enthusiasts revving up their engines in the dead silence of the night; it feels wonderful.

We got a very good driver. During the entire journey not a single vechile could overtake us. He even pushed aside a few barricades, took the qualis past them and put the barricades back on place. Around 10 in the night, he dropped us back at our homes.

Since it was Holi on that day, we were bombarded with water balloons by little children along the way. The best part was, Rahul was just said in an authoritive tone by the driver to avoid playing Holi inside the car. We had just gone a little further when a water balloon exploded on the side of the qualis & it had turned red!! The driver could only keep going. We reached around 7 at Mandarmani. It was beautiful. People still havent crowded the place. The sun was hiding behind the clouds. Good for us, otherwise it would have become too hot. Talking of clouds, the untimely downpours are back in Kolkata. The weather these days is good if not pleasant, considering the hot days expected at this time of the year.

Returning to Mandarmani, we'd turned small kids on the beach. The cameras were in the hotel otherwise you could have enjoyed looking at the pics. Samik as usual was doing his round of comedies. The best part was him trying to be a fish flipping this side or the other gasping & searching in vain for water. At one point we were all covered by mud & small kids were asking their fathers if they too can play in the mud. I could hear one father saying 'wo gandey bacchey hai'. One guy even stopped his car to click a photo of us.

Around 12 we went back to our hotel. Of course, we didnt need a hotel room as we were returning the same day. But if you guys remember, Samik has the habit of booking hotel rooms even during the college days. He is a victim of the nature !! After the lunch, we hit the beach again. The water had gone back quite a bit & by evening the water recceded may be another kilometer or so. The expanses were magnificent. We clicked a lot of photos during this time. Guys really were trying to figure out various poses.

For the snaps, click here.

That was our day out of the hustle bustle of the city.


raj alakshendra said…
mast photos hai ... ihope i was also there ask me nxt time if u all r planning fr a trip ...if possible il too join u all.
Sakshi said…
Lucky u so jealous...!!!
Wow!! The pics are really very cool,especially those from 22-28..Kisi movie ki pics lag rahin hain.shot by some professional.
And regarding Sam's sense of humour,"IT ROCKS!!"...he can leave u in splits with his whacky quotes especially about sex..:D
ABC said…
sure..agli baar kuch hoga to bula lunga..

i have a trip to north due..
so may be sometime this year you can show your Delhi..

abey sam ki ijjat ka public mein dajjiya mat uda !!
Sakshi said…
I am waiting for you all to land up here...!!!

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