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Happy B'day Chiru Bhai

Chiru bhai, could not get you a cake from Brubeck's. Hope this pic would do. So are you ready to put your leg into a new future!! Many happy returns of the day.

So what's going on these days??

Here in Kolkata we have changed house and yes we have had our share of adventure. Last saturday when we shifted four civilized goons came in & said a lot of things. They wanted us to leave the place. Well things are under control now, if anything happens in the coming days, we may shift again. It was 'khosla ka ghosla' in real life.

I was in Jamshedpur 10 days back. It was good to meet Raj & Atri. Everything was good except for the unfortunate demise of two juniors.

Well lemme share my Jamshedpur trip. The day I reached, me & Atri while waiting for Raj to come back from office, had a long talk. Atri poora paka diya!! He explained me the entire process of steel making & now I am confident of taking a sack of iron ore inside a blast furnace & come out with a TMT iron rod !! No doubt Atri is turnng into a world-class manager inside his plant but outside the plant he's still the same old Atri. He may be wearing shoes worth 7k & jeans worth 3k but get inside his flat. You will know he hasn't changed. He has a big flat but lives as if it were a one room flat. Both of these guys, Raj & Atri live almost out of Jamshedpur. It was a headache going about places from their flats in the heat of Jamshedpur. Talking about rides, Atri has managed quite well to manouver his bike through the streets of jamshedpur. He's a safe rider & doesnt go above 40-45 KMPH. Me & Raj had a lucky escape though. Thanks to the disc brakes of Yamaha FZ 16. We were near the IN & OUT prtrol pump near Tata Motors main gate & suddenly the car in front of us turned left & a big cow appeared in front of us. I applied the brakes instantly & Raj was almost thrown off the bike. Luckily no one was hurt & the cow still remained at the middle of the road for the next rendevouz.

Click for pics.

That's all folks..njoy..


Chiru da, Happy Birthday! Have a great day.
Nice pics. Got your e-mail with the link too. Takla, is the same (in terms of takla-ness). Since when did Ramu kaka come back? Paps is working in Cal.??
What's this nonsense about goons and all? And why are you'll changing houses? Upgrading in life??
raj alakshendra said…
happy b'de chiru bahi ...

its was a g8 time we 3 had spent...
Sakshi said…
Happy Birthday...!!!
Happy Bday chiru bhai ..All topfloorers wish u a great life ahead .Hope those new teeth braces are doing their job :-)

Anyway some pics which put some devilish thoughts in my mind loaded :
Pic No 8 -Sam with a Horse..Reminded me of the day when he was so excited about watching the 7X in Krishnan's room with the horse playing the "male's role" in the clip :D
Pic No 32- CHAKI'S REAL LOOKS..Casanova from the other universe :D
Pics 62-65 : ABC Rocks on his bike!!
Pic No 41- Jubilee park ki yaad dila di sach main
Restaurant pics- Reminded me of the Convo party in Regent..ABC was all trying to kiss me in a drunk state..Hahaha

But seriously
You all guys look gud now especially Rathz..glow kar raha hai but ask ABC to put on a zeropower glasses..his eyes dont look gud widout specs
Shayon said…
Whoa! Quite a few bit of news here! Chiru has got braces now? And wot's with ABC without any glasses? He got an operation done or something?

@ Rathz
I ain't sure whether I should be glad or sad for not being in Jsr while you were there :-p
Btw, where the fuck did u get the fucking Yamaha, dude? :-o

@ Chiru
Wish you a very happy birthday, dude... although it's a bit late now, I know :-(
raj alakshendra said…
@ shayon
I got the bike from my friend for 2 dez...satish got a new one ...i hope u remember him, powar's roommate..
becoz of dat bike only we had a near save ... ultimate braking... the instant he applied the brakes the bike stopped.
Chiranjit said…
Thanks everybody.

@ Raj : yamaha's braking and stability is quite good. I can feel in my bike also. But while cornering don't use hand brake(having disc brake).
raj alakshendra said…
i knw dude ... i hav been driving since last 10 yrs frm my childhood...
btw preferably alwez use front brak with back brake
Unknown said…
now chiru bhai is putting a wheel into a new future ;-)
Unknown said…
@mannu & me glowing

no not any fairness cream but me staying indoors at office on weekdays..

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