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this is for u mannu ...

once i was sitting & thinking that why maximum people are in 95% slab n very few in 5%. I tried my best to find some genuine answer but couldnt. U know I got my answer yesterday after reading your post.
I would like to put it in one line in the words of Shiv Khera -  

*Winners Never Quit & Quiters Never Win*

In most of the cases we choose the wrong vehicle to fulfill our dreams . In ur case as per I suppose its not the MBA which you live for , its music . All the year you talk n post about music, music n music & suddendly at the end of the year u start taking abt exams.. 
I feel that mostly we try to fulfill our parents' dream. We get life only once n we waste it in some fucking job or writting exams.. We should do what we like from our heart,what we had dreamt off as a child. See shayon , actually he was not made for engineering but he had to follow the system which the society has laid down.We are brought up in such a society that we had to follow the age old system . 

Few days back i learnt about two companies - OML & ASAP .
OML - only much louder is abt music . The founder is a young chap , left school to fulfill his dream. has he continued with his studies then he too had end up as a boring professional like us ...

ASAP- any surprise any palce ... it deliver surprise gifts any place any time ... the founder is a female who was working in some MNC but left it to do something for her own ..

So the point is that failing in an exam is not the end of everything . Its the this time of failure whn people shift to a comfort zone of 95%  killing their dreams. The difference b/w success & failure is jus one step n people back out to climb that last step . See God tests everyone. He checks if the person is eligible to enter that 5% or should he be left with the rest of the crowd. So its ur testing time .

Do what u feel like , to release ur music... Dude m just waiting for that day to come... the topfloorers r looking at you . I told everyone abt this group that we are the most creative bunch of guys trapped in some or the other stupid job ... Some day we all will make it big . hey u cant put our dreams n hopes into pieces . Then how will I say aditi that see this music is of mannu , the madman.

forget abt MBA n all . a lot of time is wasted . Life is more than a degree . wake up again to chase ur dreams... so cheer up.. load mat le re ... ekdum bindaas waho..

we all waiting for you - the mannu, who in 1st year used to bring his own plate in the mess n now has changed to a rap star ...


Sakshi said…
Raj you are such a sweetheart..!!! And Mannu, Raj's just said what we all should do... follow our dreams.
I'll quote from The Alchemist- ' If you really want something, the entire universe is going to conspire, to get you that'.
Sometimes, we forget what OUR dreams are...
But, anyway, Mannu, If you really want to do an MBA, I am sure there is a VERY good reason that you are not in NM or SPJ.
You can't just give up...!!!
We all love you... whether you are an MBA or not... So smile... and PLEASE- Make some great music...!!!
Thanks a lot!! A whole post just to cheer me up :-).. You guys are really such sweethearts.
Interestingly,since the last two days, I've received constant support from you all through ALL the possible modes of communication -A beautiful and moral boosting mail from Dion,phone call from Sam,smses from Sakshi,ping from Shayon, comment 4m Rathz & a whole post from Raj..Whoa!!
Thank you guys for all the support.That's what we all stand for-One for all,all for one.Let's get flying again
raj alakshendra said…
jaldi se contest ka result bata....
baap re!!
Ppl are getting so desperate to know the result of the contest..yahaan tak ki mail bhi kar rahe hai..but you all will have to hold on for sometime as these days I am getting fucked in the Java training from morning till evening.It'll end this week..So after that I'll have plenty of time again so will start posting from next week
Unknown said…

u r testing our patience :-@ ..

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