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BANG!!! BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Time to do some waking up guys. It seems that apart from not writing posts, the laziness has completely taken over and no one seems to be interested in comments either.

So, what has been happening in so many lives?
With the lack of activity on the page, it seems like every one is busy making preparations for the festive season, or more like it seems like all of you all are on a Diwali Break.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I have not been active enough myself. I have been, not doing much at all. I had a friend over from Mumbai, actually, I she is a blog friend and now a friend in the real world as well.. it was great fun hosting her for 5 odd days. We went almost all over the city, going street shopping, eating and just having loads and loads of fun.
Shayon was also the part of the ' Delhi Darshan' that we were doing, and thus managed to see a few places where otherwise I am sure we would have never gone for a date.

Actually, I have put up a few pictures of Here, do tell me, how do they look. And you can see a few more pictures here.

I am finally over with my internships, and it seems that finally, I really need to sit down and evaluate as to where and what I want as far as my career choices are concerned. And, that has to happen quickly, no, not because it is the last two semesters at college, it is because- If I don't hurry up, I will be announcing my marriage here. Any suggestions?

It was great fun to meet Raj, Sid, Gollu, Manu and Shayon... it totally felt awesome... I so hope that soon, the entire TWM is able to meet up rather than putting up pictures from each sector of the world.

Oh, yeah, it seems that TWM is slowly shifting mode and coming over to twitter... the most recent to join the bandwagon is Karma.
This is awesome.
And even though Raj and Rathz and Manu are already there, I hardly see a tweet from them... I know no one really is interested to know when and how you are planning to take a bath, but trust me, once you get used to it- it is very addictive. And coming from someone who took almost two years to understand the tweet world- it should motivate you guys to tweet more...!!

And last but not the least-
Here is wishing every one-

We mediate on the glory of the Creator;
Who has created the Universe;
Who is worthy of Worship;
Who is the embodiment of Knowledge and Light;
Who is remover of all Sin and Ignorance;
May he enlighten our Intellect.
-Gayatri Mantra


raj alakshendra said…
great u getting married ..shayon didnt tell this .. i knw guys feel shy on breaking this news..

about twitter ... its better to read abt ur n shayon fights than to tweet ...till now i dont find any need to tell the whole worls which color undies m wearing :)
lets see some day people might be interested in knowing the color...
LOL! Yeah,I agree! Twitter kinda sucks and sooner or later people would get fed up with that(as did we all with Orkut).It's just a fad.
Maybe in this age of "stay connected" I am not cool enough that I don't feel the need to tell the world what I'm doin' throughout the day! :-D
Shayon said…
Okay, I have something to say, here. How exactly do you define the word 'fad'? Twitter has been in the scene for over 5 years now and every single marketing house is scampering to get onto the bandwagon. Secondly, even if you are onto one platform today (say Twitter) but move to another tomorrow (say, Google Wave), then would you call it a 'fad' or the power of evolution?

Should we not evolve fast enough in the fear of the old technology being termed as a 'fad'?
Shayon said…
And as far as Orkut was concerned, it simply could not keep up pace and stopped innovating. As for the rest, refer to Darwin's theory of survival.
Haha.That was an absolute techno evangelist speaking!Liked that.
As far as Twitter being a powerful tool is concerned.I agreee.It is!For eg,every single US university has its dean or director on twitter.
But probably you didn't realise that we were speaking from a personal perspectives.I mean,some people ( Dion or Sam being great examples.LOL!)would never feel the need to tell the world about their trivia while others will have butterflies in their stomach to do the same.I am not judging who is right or wrong after all we all are different kind of people,but it's just that I find it uncomfortable to tell people say "In the gym.Sweating out" or "Composed a new song" or "In the class.Getting bored" etc.I have been through that phase when I wanted to tell the world what I'm doing,but not anymore.
Again, that just my own opinion with implication towards me only.
Sakshi said…
I mean- Guys- A happy Diwali in your comments would have been nice.
raj alakshendra said…
happy diwali .
Guys r always guys :)
ABC said…
shubh deepawali .. :)

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