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The Bet...

The marriage season is ON!!!
The latest news being Abhijit Rai, is getting married January 2010.
CONGRATS to him.

Now, as Raj and I started chatting over this great news, Raj started blabbering about how, all of a sudden there are going be loads of weddings. That, how, lots of Mathus are going to get married and that to soon meaning in the coming year and a half, or so.
And in his list of the people getting married were Me & Shayon.
Ofcourse- I retaliated to the very proposition of getting married in a year and a half.
And thus, the very foundations of The Bet were laid down.

Raj & I have made a bet on when is MY wedding.
Raj says that MY wedding is happening on Nov 2011
I say that it is on Nov 2012.

The stakes are-
If I win, then Raj is going to give a dance performance on an entire song at my wedding.
If he win, then I have to dance with Raj on my own wedding.

Ohkay, I know this sounds really lame, but since the betting is on. You all are also welcome to join in and raise the stakes higher.

LOL...!!! :)


Shayon said…
Matlab Raj bhaiyya, dono case mein, bandar banenge! Sahi hai beta!!

@Raj Bhaiyya
Bhai, kyun doston ki zindagi barbaad karne pe tule hue ho?
LOL! Hilarious post! I'd go with Sakshi.2012 seems more probable!
Usually,you'll start hearing the news of batchmates getting married after 2 years of graduation and Abhijit Rai is the first among our friends to get married! Kudos!
Waise last year you declared that by this novemeber you'll get married.We knew that nothing like that is gonna happen but then also you were insistent that "Nahin 2009 end maine ho jaayegi,for sure".Yahan tak ki Orkut pe Topfloorers community pe teri shaadi ka program bhi banne lag gaya tha ki kaun kya karega!:-D :-D
ABC said…
rai ki shaadi ho rahi hai..thats gr8 newz..

btw hum log to aisey bhi naachengey hii kisi ki bhi shaadi wats the fuss !!

I say change the stakes..
Sakshi said…
Ohkay- You suggest the stakes... !!
Karma said…
Lets say...if Raj wins,he will provide the entire arsenal of AMWAY goods to Sakshi and Shayon for an entire year for FREE !

And if Raj wins then Sakshi and Shayon will make sure that all their acquaintances, be it workplace or frnds ,start using AMWAY products !!!

Now this is stake to fight for !
ABC said…
ha ha ha ha..

now the stakes have gone up !!

Sakshi said…
WOW- Now the Stakes have really GONE high.
I have to win this one. Shayon, YOU BETTER make sure that I win this one.
atri said…
Nice to hear that Rai is getting married

Seeing this post and comments I suddenly recalled that Raj also said he is definitely going to get married by end of 2009. This he told while I was in GT hostel and if I recall it correctly it was a day before his colleague's marriage. So Raj you are already behind the schedule so do something to align yourself to the goal .... you are planning from the day you joined tata motors !!.com'on yaar ...wake up Raj !!!!!

@Karmu ....Good one..
@Raj .... what about the new stake?
raj alakshendra said…
i dont agree with karma's stakes else il loose min of Rs. 1 lakhs..

the dance bet is perfect ..maaza tab ayega jab the whole public will see both of us dancing...
shayon ka face dekhne layak hoga ...

as far as my wedding is concerned , it has become like GOV 5 year plan ...lets see whn this project gets over n who is that lucky girl...
Mainak said…
Chennai side mein bhi koi shaadi/barbaadi karo taki hum bhi thora mazaa le.

Anyway koi to jaldi se karo taki kuch get together type ho :)

By the way plz dont suggest me to get married plz as nobody enjoys in his/her own marriage

Kyun naa sab mil ke Takle ke liye koi ladki dhoondke (mind iT !!!! ladki ke sar pe baal must hai)shaadi karwa de
Yeah!The "Grand old man" of the Topfloorers community needs to get married first! :-D
Btw,pragna ki shaadi ho gayi kya ?
Sakshi said…
Sahi hai...
But here is a NEWS FLASH
Shayon doesn't know how to dance, at all. And as a matter fact I even asked him to join salsa classes with me... but NO AVAIL.
So- Well, I am wondering will Shayon really care??
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Nice banter!
And Congrats to the 'gunjha'/Monu!
When did this news come? Who is the lucky woman?

I like the stakes either way. So let's get the ball rolling. And Mann, I thought you'd be keeping tabs on whether Prags was married or not!

raj alakshendra said…
Guys m workin very hard for the bet. I have told Shayon's mom about the bet n aunti is very excited about their wedding. Sorry shayon :) everything is fair in love n war.

Also very soon il join a dance class since i have to dance in both the cases.
Shayon said…
Beta, tu toh ab gaya! Seriously, there are some things that should just stay within friends.

Good to see you around, man? What the hell are you up to, these days?
Shayon said…
By the way, yeh achanak se apna Facebook badge daalne ka kya matlab?
No dude.Lost touch with Prags.Had it not been for The wall mag,i guess maybe we would nt have had interacted with each other so frequently.
TWM rocks!

Dion told me that he's busy in some conference in upstate Newyork.He'll be back in action from next week.
raj alakshendra said…
load mat le ... njoy ...every dog has its day time tu meri maar lena...
@ Guys
I've been busy with a conference I had last week in Saratoga, NY. I had to give two presentations there on my research.
This week and the beginning of next are mid-terms so I'm bushed!
This has been my worst spell on the TWM. In the previous two weeks, I hardly even checked the website (I normally check it at least once a day).
But I should be back to speed in a week.
By the way, we're at almost a 100 posts for the year- something we haven't been able to accomplish in the last two year! Kudos to one and all who made this possible!


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