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Pritam-a new song ,a new exact copy!!

Pritam -probably the most popular music director in Bollywood these days who's churning out hits after hits like "Kya Mujhe Pyaar hai ", "Ya Ali" ,"Doom Macha le " .His "Hare Ram, Hare Krishna" & Pehli Nazar"(Race) have driven this nation crazy with these two songs being omni-present wherever you go on TV, stereos, radios, mobiles.Every other ringtone is either a "Hare Ram, Hare Krishna " or "Pehli nazar" ringtone " & am sick of listening to these songs.From the time this guy has risen to prominence with the chartbuster "Doom Mach le" , I have been reading a lot of articles in the newspapers about his copying songs from Korean,Arabic,French,english music & also have been hearing it that he's the all-time No.1 plagiarist of the Indian music industry but I was always curious to know that how big a plagiarist is he ?? In his interviews,he always maintains that he just takes "inspiration" from songs from other languages so I was of the view that it's Okk! if he's taking just mere inspirations coz the fact is it's very difficult to compose chartbusters all the time when it is so difficult to create an absolutely new song but I was always curious to know the level of his so-called "inspiration" & interestingly I stumbled upon these fantastic videos which reveal all the songs which from where he took his so-called inspiration!!

What amazes me is that instead of taking just inspiration,he has lifted the entire tracks of songs from various languages across the world & what is more despicable that Bollywood is supporting such a plagiarist. He doesn't have the guts to even give credit to the original artists because he wants to grab all the laurels & limelight himself & what more Bollywood rewards such copy-cats by honouring him with IIFA best Music Director Award for his song "Hare Ram, Hare Krishna" .I seriously wonder what speech he should have given after receiving the award for a song which he lifted entirely from a Korean song ,maybe "Thanks ya all!! I ll keep lifting more foreign tracks to grab more awards like this!!Thanks once again for trusting me for my copy-catting".

It's just disugusting- not only because he's just copying but because his band "Metro" charges an astronomical 20-25 lakh for their shows wherein they play those copies. It's not that RD Burman was entirely original but he's to take just inspiration & never did in his life he lift any track entirely. Check out all three videos & you ll be shocked to see that the songs are either beat by beat ("Pehli Nazar" from Race) or note by note "Hare Ram ,Hare Krishna" same. Shame on Pritam & shame on his music & above all shame on the entire Bollywood that instead of bringing fresh talent it is supporting & honouring people like Pritam Chakraborty.

PS:I hope Rudra Shankra Chakraborty doesnt become a plagiarist like Pritam Chakraborty :-).


Unknown said…
great work dude..
bahut research kiya... frm where u got so much of data...

newez 2de is d world of copy-catting...
people have forgot their ethics... de take others credit same way as it happens in corporate world...
Unknown said…
by the way summer of 07 score was also from one of Fossil's song..

we'd given the credits though..

well our new song(s) will be original..

Dipayan said…
I would like to add another example of his gr8 work....

The song 'Jane kyun.Tanha ho gayi' is actually taken from a bengali song by famous band Mohiner Ghoda guli called 'Ami gai ghare ferar gaan'....
The original song is

now this is the new one
@ Raj
yehi toh sab timepass karta hoon bey office mei main..kaam kaun karta hai..

btw i already know that coz I am great Fossils fan myself & u know i was laughing the first time I heard this song coz u guys didnt tell anybody that it was stolen piece...Anyways It was gud,no two opinions abt it.
a dutta said…
Plagiarism is as old as Music ... well you guys must have forgotten about Anu Mallik ... for me I dont care if Pritam is copying or not ... I enjoy listening to his songs.

If you do such research on other bollywood musicians .. u ll end up with almost the same conclusion ... almost all popular musicians have been influenced at some point or the other ... Some got more highlighted because of professional jealousy from their peers ..etc.

So dont worry too much ... just enjoy music!

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