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An Interesting Dilemma!!

Sometimes you landup in a catch-22. You come across some funny & interesting situations in life which lead to equally interesting dilemmas which often leave you pondering over them.Here's a dilemma I faced,I want your opinions on it.

Last Sunday, I went out with a girl .It had rained that day & the weather was lovely, a respite from the scorching sun.Absoultely great!! I somehow arranged for a car (after all boys will be boys & will do anything to hear that “Wow!” thing from a girls’ mouth,isnt it ?) .As I was fed of going to the same old hang outs like KFC & CCD & all other usual joints so I thought that let’s try a different place this time. So I zeroed on 'CafĂ© Morrison', a hard-rock pub in Delhi which plays blasting rock music & where live bands also do their gigs .
So we went to the place .The entrance was replete with the poster & frames of legendary rockbands & rockstars, the atmosphere of the pub was gud with most people making “I love ROCK” statements with their AC/DC, LED ZEP T-shirts ,the lights were dim & the conversation was flowing very smoothly WHEN
The waiter came with the the card with the mocktails & asked us to order .
So as a gentleman would do, I gave the card to my friend. She just looked at it & as with an expression that she had already decided what she wanted to order ,she said “One Beer .yes! One beer for me.I already had a lot of Vodka the last time “
& now it was my turn to order.
I also looked at the mocktails & after seeing a long-list of Martinis, Vodkas & Beers I decided what I wanted to order “One Apple juice for me.So it would be 1 beer & 1 apple juice“. The waiter frowned as though I have just committed a gaffe
& the girl was equally perplexed & said with an amused look “Aaaapple Juice” & the way she said it, I was like 'yes! It’s apple juice not a cow’s piss.'
She asked me :“For whom ? “
With a smile on my face I said
“See, We are two people here ,You have asked for a beer so obviously the other person having Apple juice would me .hehe “ Quite one hell of an intelligent answer.
She said :“Okk!! Then I would also take juice”
I said “Hey just go ahead with your beer .You don’t need to take apple juice just coz I cant give you company in having beer”
She said “Ahh!! Cm would it look if the girl is boozing while the guy is having a juice”
So she ordered “Okk!! Two apple juices please!! “

After that the evening went well but it left me a lil confused.
I thought I know it myself that it’s okk! If I drink once in a while & I know I wont become a drunkard but then also why don’t I go for it ? Am I right with continuing with my apple juices or just to give company I can go ahead with it once in a while. Also, by giving company I seriously don’t mean submitting to the much-hyped “peer pressure” because I seriously don’t give a damn what opinion the other person will have about me, so “peer pressure” is nowhere even near .
Okk!! Why I wrote this post was that I was quite curious to know what would you guys do in a catch-22 like this ? & what’s your take on this topic & as most of us here are teetotallers(that's my assumption ,hope I am not wrong now ;-)).I am waiting for some inetersting answers .



raj alakshendra said…
mast ladki hai... i wouls hav gone fr fresh lime soda...

btw of d opinion dat u shouldn change urself for the d sake of others...

every1 has got his own identity n he should be feeling proud of it...

newez u had a g8 exp...
shanoob said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam said…
Earlier i was having these drinks occasionally so i could go for it,but now i have promised someone that i won't drink i would prefer apple juice like u did...Its good to see that your decision didn't get affected by a girl's presence.
Shayon said…

Seriously Mann...I'll suggest you should never budge from your apple juices. It's not the question of giving company. I've seen umpteen non-drinkers opting for mocktails and juices in clubs and discs, in Mumbai.

Rather, I should say, it takes courage not to be drinking, at this age. So, way to go, man! And well, kudos to the girl you went out with 'coz the way she behaved is the ideal way any female would have reacted. It is part of a custom that a female is not supposed to be drinking when the male partner isn't. Now, I aint planning to go anti-feminist. It's just a custom, that is all.

But seriously, great experience, man!!

@ Sam...

Abey, ab tera yeh "special someone" kaun hai be? ;-)
Ha ha ha ha haha ha ha!!!!!
I'm laughing at the comments. Firstly, OMG, Sam has posted something!!!!! When the fuck was he resurrected!!!!!!!!
And I would like to know like Shayon, who's this 'special someone'???????????????? And please don't say your mom. Give us some of your sipcey masala covered stories. And Mann, when did you stop drinking??? Whenever I speak to you, or you write, there's always a hungover story!!!!!
Unknown said…

dats sambhaw not talku sam..
raj alakshendra said…

oh dats g8 to see someone new on the blog....

btw u tel who is that " someone special"
Sakshi said…
Hey Guys- No new post? Shouldn't shayon be telling about his new job and office???

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