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Requiem of a dream

"You think you really deserve something. You think you are made for doing it.After all ,you have slogged your ass off for making that dream come true & your all hopes are associated with that dream .Finally God graces you with the hardwork you did & you start imagining a thousand different things around it. Suddenly life seems so wonderful ,every day seems brighter & better & unkowingly you sport that omni-present smile all throughout the day .You are smug thinking that "Thank God, finally I have got it rite!!". Then suddenly one fine day when you are still smug,lost in your imaginations,the world comes crashing down on you & you realize that just when you thought that you have got it right this time life has fucked you again.The reality hits you so hard that all your imaginations become suddenly so bitter that you get paranoid & you wonder is this really happening ? Ohh God !! It was all going perfect .Please somebody tell me that this is some kind of joke.But the reality slaps you hard on the face & you look in the mirror & say to yourself "You have fucking lot of expectations from yourself. see what LIfe has given you again.It has made you look like a fucking loser again to yourself .A FUCKIN' GODDAMN LOSER!!!" & you dont want to share this others around you because you dont want to look helpless in front of them & be an unncessary part of their pity & you know that behind their solacing word there is somewhere a feeling of satisfication in their hearts that YOU ARE STILL ONE OF THEM .You know that you don't deserve to be with them & you have to gulp down the bitter truth, grind your teeth & sit back with clinched fests ."

Am I making sense ?Did you ever feel this way?No, I am feeling this way today.Guys, the dream of getting into a top 10 B-school has come crashing down. After getting an interview call from SPJain this year for MBA(Systems) I was like on top of the world ,preparing hard for the interview after all it's SPJain, a institutw which people prefer over the likes of IIM K &IIM I & just when I thought that i ll make it this time ,yesterday got the news that the admissions for MBA(Systems) for this year have got cancelled .Why the fuck ?? Bcoz according to AICTE dual courses are not permitted in India & SPJain was giving an MBA in systems & an MS in IT from Virgina Tech ,USA ,one of the top 10 US universities. Interesttingly ,AICTE ealier had approved it & has now withdrawn it's approval saying SPJ will have to close the program as AICTE doesnt have a guidline on dual programs. How should these fools be explained that the SPJain & Virgina Tech were the reasons why the students of this course were getting amazing international offers from consulting firms across Europe/US & that too it wasnt just a degree from Virgina Tech.During the 2 year course a total of 10 profs from Virgina Tech used to come down to India for taking their sem subjects & that was the reason why I finally made up my mind to go for this course.But now its' over .Everything is in dust now!! The end of this year's MBA dream & one more year of slogging my ass off when I could have devoted that time for pursuing my ulimate goal of doing music whole-heartedly.

The reality has hit hard on me but I have got face it & also live with it.

"I have put my trust in you
pushed as far as I can go
for all this there's only one thing I know
I tried so hard & got so far
but in the end it doesnt even matter..."

"I walk a lonely road ,the only one that I 've ever known
don't know where it goes but it's only me & I walk alone.. "



Yo man
I'm sorry about the news. I haven't read the full article yet, but don't give up yet. There's always a reason for everything. Think of it this way, maybe IIM or XL (even though you may not wanna go back to that stink hole) is waiting for you this year.
Cheer up
Unknown said…
hey dude not getting selected in a college doesn't prove that u r a losser...
it seems that has bigger plan for u...
arre God wants u to pursue ur career in music so y r u running after which u doesn't like frm the core of ur heart
shanoob said…
No probs mannu....
ve ve enuf time left wid us...

n ppl...

im no more in orkut or TOPFLOORers...
Unknown said…
hey mannu bhai aisa hota hai..
dont worry keep doing ur KARMA..

wat happened to ur VDO??

listen to'll cheer you up..
hey guys Thanks a lot for your support..
I know there are a lot of options .In fact with 3 years of work-ex I'll be able to get into gud US B-Schools which are anyday much, much better than the IIMs but the thing is this will lead to further more delay.I am already 22 & want to do it ASAP so that I can do whatever I want to do.
Thanks for all your support again!!!
By the way visited the FILM CITY in Noida this weekend.It was a gud break to take my mind off the shit I am goin' thru & visited Asian Academy of Film & Television(AAFT)too .It's a very prestigious institute .Rathz, I checked out about courses for you ,Film Direction etc.Mast hai bey woh sab but it's again a very demanding profession also.

& guys what is this dude Shanoob upto this time?? A mystery in himself.
@ Rathz
Thats a great song and I'm surprised that you'll never heard of it before!!!
Cheers!!! And check out those courses in film....
Shayon said…
@ Mann...

As they say, "Failures are the pillars of success!"
Chillax man! Yes, I can understand your plight after getting to know the news about SP Jain. Yet again, try to get into things (ur preps, i mean) on a deeper level. I'm sure you'll come up with better results next time.

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