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Calcutta, West Bengal arrived

"arey diwano mujhey pehchano, mein huun kaun'

Guess the TWM creatures have not forgotten me, well I was always there on the right column of our dear page if anybody would have noticed.
Actually guys work had kept me at work for most part of January, yeah even in the recession times there are still loads of work to be done. I had worked like a zombie in those days, with that much hardship & effort I could have may be done something GREAT!!

Well good days are back again, and I am on a look out for some plot to experiment with my new camera; a sony H50. Yeah, I got hold of one after going to almost all electronics shop in the locality looking for offers but in the meantime it's price rose by 2K. What a bad luck!!

Probably I'll have to push Sam & Karma for some new music to match the Rap from north. Mannu bhai seems to be on his way of becoming a rock star. Great piece you created Mannu.

And Sakshi has added a lot of social cause in our page. Sure your articles are great reads, I read all the articles on our page in real time; BUT THE THING IS I can only read them from office.

By the way, I'm not the only 'inactive' in TWM. Shayon & Dion, where are you guys & whats up these days?? Raj seems to be enjoying the season of love. Gandhi also seems to be at his hilarious best; he's still as funny as he was through his comments.

So may be this time on 'All will not be that quiet on the eastern front'.

C'mon karma, Rock kartey hain!!

Posted on behalf of Rathindra aka Flop-master :-)


Seems like Sakshi & I are the only two people who have actually kept the website going!!Rest of the "emerge" from here & there to post a precious comment or sm pics ..
The founding father of this website is himself M.I.A from time immemorial so are Dip,Atri,Shanoob.

@Rest of the folks
How abt something for the TWM from u guys ?? Comments se hi kaam nahin chalega

Thanks a lot for the encouragement!! Looking forward to the attack from the "eastern frontiers" :-)
& now make full use of ur new camera & get us something wonderful & FYI guys... Rathz new possession costed him a whooping 22 grands ..
Sakshi said…
Thanks for beautiful words of encouragement... And congrats on your new possession...!!!

Thanks for posting it on Rathz behalf...

@ Everyone-
Why can't all of you buy net connection? the pen drive thingy...!!! It will just make TWM more exciting... you know maybe that would encourage you all to post a lil more...!!!

where are you? I hardly see u online...!!!

A post once in a while will be really great...

@ Shayon
Hopeless bastard... doesn't have time for me... so rest is... whatever...

@ Raj
DUDE... PLEASE POST something...!!! If nothing else then.. you know...about how does it feel to be in love...?
Check out Akon's Dangerous..Most of you would have already heard this but for those who havent here we go with the link :
listened to this song aft quite sometime & it feels great.."noticing u ..noticing me" :-)

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