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We'll ride the storm

"Guess who's back with a brand new rap and by rap I dont mean a new case of child molestation and accusation..." Brakes... Let me stop with Eminem's crap and talk about Meminem's brand new rap.
I wrote and composed this rap number last year but there since were no supporting vocals, I recorded it this weekend with supporting vocals from my brother who is a percussionist and did an amazing job in this song.. There are still some rapping glitches but I love the way the song has shaped up.

Please increase the volume of your speakers/headphones as the audio strength of the song ain't good.
Song : We'll ride the storm
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Here we go with the lyrics:
"We'll ride the storm,I'll guide you home outta the dark

I am busy, busy living a life of my own
i wonder for hours why I keep writing these songs
thinking about the glorious times which we had
thinking why in the end life turn out too bad

i tried my best to get it right
but probably it wasnt in my destiny so i had to do cry
i look back at all the hardwork I had done
all the patience i had inside & the midnight oil i had burnt

now i try to catch those moments but they are gone
and all i can do about it is write a song.
a song about you ,me & everything
for the days which we had & for the times we used to sing
but life doesnt work ur way ,does it ?
you gotta accept it & you gotta live it
but in the end of our times , we will join hands
& we ll be friends & together we will sing again & again

we'll ride the storm....

There were times when I was sick of living this boring life
things were getting hazy & i thought i had screwed up big-time
am I all responsible for all this ?
or was it in my destiny to go through this shit?
My soul had become a pigeon hole, there were dreams in it
but the depression inside me had left me cold
i thought maybe I ll get this right next time
maybe life will turn for the better & everything will be fine

I was getting paranoid ,but just seemed to drift away
all i can do is close my eyes & begin to pray
what do i have to do to blow it big ?
coz i wanted a way out of this boring life which made me sick
there were questions more than answers there in my heart
full of self-doubt I somehow gave it a shot & start
so finally i m outta here with this shit
this is my homage to the times & life i have lived "

I hope you'll love the lyrics & song.Please lemme know you sincere feedback about it.


Hey Rapper!
Hail Meminem!
Did you write it yourself? Great work! A bit of a touch up and you're good to go. Who played the intro and all the refrains/chorus? It had beats and back up vocals and all! The music was great too. Smooth!
Ankit said…
really nice...i liked it..gr8 work dude...keep it up...
Thanks dude!!Believe me the motivation from u guys is my real fuel to improve myself

I want to dedicate this song to you all..was broke last year so tried to capture my brokedom in the backdrop of the great times we all had together.Btw the music is not mine.It's from a website called A DJ had composed it & I found it quite appealing.
But the rapping glitches here & there in the song sound a lil bad..will try to improve !

Thanks dude!! muwaaahh! (No that aint a gay kiss that's a flying kiss of friendship ;-)).
Dude one tech query:
Is it possible to convert Windows Movie Maker(WMM) Audio file into an MP3/wav format ? There doesnt seem to be any software for that.
Sakshi said…
Loved the lyrics...!!! great work Mann...!!!
Thanks :-)


Guys check out the original "Behind blue eyes" by The who.Dont have words for it So check it out yourself
Here's the link
Load le liya aur post delete kar diya :-)...That's bad ..All apologies from my side if that would have hurt u in any way :-)
Karma said…
I see one post less....something about pink chaddi and stuff...I don't understand the logic behind deleting post or comment..ain't it a forum to express your ideas freely in spite of the fact it might incite some fervid comments....I dunno whether you can restore post....I give a thumbs down for the deletion of the post

By the way Mannu great stuff man !! The lyrics is seriously good.
Sakshi said…
Ok, Guys, for the record... I put the post off on my own accord and not because of anything else.
So lets rest this deletion thingy at peace...

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