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Happy Birthday Rathz!!

TOPFLOORERS wish Rathindra a very happy Birthday.May God fullfill ur life wid lots of happiness & achievements & May God stash ur mind with hundreds of more whacky ideas..
& Rathz we want new videos 4m there man.Companies main aane kay baad hum logo ki creativity khatam nahin honi chahiye.
Dekho bhiayyon I have a gr8 idea on Rathindra's Birthday...See, if we just continue with our jobs then there'll be no blasting masti..So let's accumulate money & let's get into the movie making business...& wat more! I have a great script ready guys!!!
I am giving u a short briefing on this movie .If u all are fine with ur characters & roles then tell me I ll tell u the Script in detail later.

Director :Rathindra (he has already directed a coupla videos.So he has the so-called "WORK-EX" !!)
Music Director : The Sleepy Hollow aka Mozart -Rudra (but i guess he's planning to make make a silent movie.Return to the Old ages!)
Characters in the Film:

Gaands -The Loadu ( his mere entry on the screen will make people burst with laughter!!)

Shanoob -The ____
Samik :Comedian Takla (I m sure he ll make ppl laugh with the vulgar "baldness jokes" we used to crack in the college.Dont worry we ll make them decent!)

In Cameo :Raj -The Invisible Man- passing by on his Platina in the search of a babe..
Balls :The dreaded BodyGuard
Chiru :The Eternal "Scratcher"( I hope u got this!! oops :O )
Rahul : "aaj pooja kal koi duja" role
Atri : "Question mark on his face all the time" :P
Karma : we ll highlight his Chimp walk!! MJ introduced his "Moon Walk".Karma will introduce his "Chimp walk" ".Imagine all kids getting inspired by his "Chimp walk" & walking like that!

& Ladies & Gentleman i know u are getting curious to know the Actor
Well, Actor in the movie is gonna be :DION SAVIO ANTAO!! The next superstar !!He'll perfect for the role I have imagined him for him !!

His Co-Actor : Krish

I have many more roles for others..
Guys ,I still havent found a role for myself.Please do strain ur screwed brains to think one for me. & gimme ur consents so that I can give u the script in detail.

By the way, all our videos have been liked a lot by people here.
Rathindra wish u a very happy Birthday again!!
Online Juke-Box Dedication :Puraani Jeans(bas yaadien yaadien yaadien rah jaati hain..)


raj alakshendra said…
oye mannu g8 idea....
n dis movie will b a g8 hit...

me too s havin n idea of writtin a book abt topfloorers...

each f us cam giv his own exp abt topfloor n v can assemble it 2 make book...
isn't it g8...
Ankit said…
first of all..consent given...
Secondly, i`ve a role for will be horror cuz all of us are u can play ur guitar for the background score...or even better..a ghost who was a fan of marshal mathers and now tortures evryone with his cacophony..nice na..and to scare the audience we can even give u a cameo.

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