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Deuce !!

The strands hide the eyes,
if only he could get some hints.
The paths seldom cross,
if only he could get another opportunity.
He's wandering and wondering,
if only.

The eyes are looking all over the place,
if only she could catch the thoughts.
The path sometimes cross,
if only she could manage a glance.
She's meandering and pondering,
if only.

Dear lady and the gentleman,
Love-All and Play.

PS: The mood on TWM is contagious ;)


Nice piece!
But hope we all don't get diabetic if this love bug keeps goin' around. :-D
Shayon said…
ahem.... what do I say. I guess it's now only Dino and Mann left out right now. And chances of them getting bit by the bug somehow seems pretty distant. Well, no offense meant. Love bug will surely bite... but will it ever bite them hard enough to inspire works like these? That's the million dollar question!
raj alakshendra said…
over flow of love ...
who is the next one..

btw , raths is also in love ???

dion only fell in love once during coll .. that bug bite him so hard that he decided to be bachelor forever aftr his love was incomplete..

now dion wud shout on me in next comment ..
Karma said…
What is this?

A prelude to French Open?
@ Karma,
Nice one!

@ Raj
As long as it's cryptic like that, I've got no problems!

@ Mann
Instead of 'diabetic', how about 'Lovabetic'?

@ Shayon,
Damn right you are! Ha ha ha ha, even Mann is capable of all this- he'll rap it out!

Unknown said…
We've so much of love and peace the end of our lifetime we must have spread harmony throughout the planet !!

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