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'August' Beginning :Let's keep on Flying-TWM Review

Guys!! At the onset let me wish u all a belated Happy Friendship day. May the bond of our friendship remain unbreakable(We don’t need Fevicol ,do we ?). All apologies for not wishing any of you on Friendship day .It just skipped my mind so didn’t sms or call any of you although had to reply out of complusion to the forwarded SMSes I was getting throughout the day & though none of you also called or SMSed & I realized this one day after the F-day(don’t get me wrong here it means Friendship day ) but I m ok wid it bcoz as they say “Sound of silence” speaks the most & we dont need this wishing thing on a particular day.
Coming to the main topic of this post ,the other day I was thinking about this blog’s journey or rather our journey on this blog has been over the last one year. How was the journey been??I hope you would agree with me that TWM has been the the best thing that could has happened for remaining in touch after college .The journey here has been really great,to say the least.It has provided us a platform to interact regularly with each other-with people who actually are your friends(Raj-I hope we all are your friends first & “future prospects” later ;-)..sahi bola naa). Although sometimes this blog goes into a long slumber with the same post hung out there on it’s face but then somebody or the other comes in the shining armour to rescue it from dying & then hurray!! again the blog becomes alive.I feel that it would have been great had we had more of our friends here .I sometimes feel irritated that these guys have all the time to do everything in the world but they don’t have time to visit this even once a fortnight-some typical examples being Mr. Gandhi who has got an internet connection at his home-he even sometimes visits it s but never has the time to leave a comment,Karma who seems to have sunk into oblivion from the blogging world,Krishnan who has all the time to remain online on Orkut throughout the day but doesnt have even 5 minutes to spare .Leave aside AP & Shanoob as they work on their own whims & fancies so won't even comment on them .But then we can all hope that Maybe one day all these people run out of their bloody excuses & discover the fascinating world of TWM . Amen!!
Looking at the brighter side, though we are only a handful of people here but the interaction is so intense -sometimes very serious ,sometimes very funny but all the time very gud that it never gets boring to read posts & comments .
Also,in my opinion,this platform is better than the Topfloorers community on Orkut because it’s very difficult to post something continuously there without a reason but since somebody or the other takes the intiative of posting something on TWM so it becomes easy to interact here.One more gud thing which has happened since this big-time blogging phemonenon is that the interaction here has given a better respite from the urge to reply to utterly boring scraps on Orkut-the prime being “How are you?” & “Aur Kya chal raha hai ?“ .I have read & heard these two sentences so many times that they now make me sick & whenever i get these scraps I simply write back. “Fine” & “Bas Kuch nahin” .That’s it!! No it’s not arrogance but js that I don’t feel like replying more. Not that I do it with good friends but yes with people who just scrap you for passing their time.
Ok!! Coming back to blog-talk,these days it’s great to see the blog buzzing with posts ,pics & sheer number of comments on every post(On Raj’s post it has touched 20).Feels like we are actually talking to each other. Let’s keep on flying like this & hope that our other mates will someday get sometime off their supposedly busy schedules to come & visit this great forum.Also guys if some more people(apart from Topfloorers) get interested in joining this,get them on the bandwagon as we'll have more posts.
If we go like this I am sure that some years down the line we'll not only feel happy reading all these posts but you never know TWM may come in the limelight as being a trendsetter.Who knows more peeople(batchmates) may follow the TWM's way for expressing their opinions,talking to each other & above all keeping in touch with each other!!!
Anwyays,keep this blog alive. Post anything-literally anything.But no Ctrl-X+Ctrl-V articles though.Anything original,however small or big ,however inconsequential,relevant or irrelevant,it really doesnt matter as we are all waiting to listen to anything from each other.After all that's what Friendship is all about!!
Keep blogging.My own blog is dead & is resting in peace.:0
Cheers to the spirit of this blog!!!Cheers to us!!


raj alakshendra said…
i hope our dead members would read this post n come out of their hibernation...

one lady is quite interested in our blog... she regularly reads our posts.. gave comments a few times but she didnt get any response... once she said that she also wants 2 join our blog but i said its all boys blog...

oh i havnt told her name yet.. she is madhulika... she is quite impressed by we topfloorers from the very college time...

if v can allow sakshi then v should allow her too... moreover all of us know her... if anybody is not having ne probs den someone send her the invitation...

moreover she is placed ( in Cummins India Ltd.)n free for the rest of year so she can update us abt our dear coll...
Shayon said…
I do not really have any problem with including Madhulika into the "gang bang" ;-) But then, I guess it shall help if a few more reply with a positive nod.

By the way, I have something really big to announce, on the occasion on TWM Online's anniversary. Keep guessing what it might be. I should come up with a long long pending post, very soon!!
I think the anniversary has come and gone PKP!!!!
And Man, lets name all the farts who don't come online and then string them up by their thumbs!!!!
What say you???? ;D
Anyway, to serious matters. With regards to Madhulika, no problem from my side, but I believe that the G-man himself should send her an invitation. Do I get an ai?????
And Mann, great post! You put my thoughts into words.
People who just read and don't blog, I've said this earlier too, just put a one line post saying "hey guys, Work's goin ....... and how are you'll????"
How long does that take??? And everyone else can reply in the comments section. It's way better than Orkut or any other comm.
Sakshi said…
Mann, great post. And truely its very bugging when someone drops in to read and leaves without commenting.

@ Shayon: are finally coming up with a post...!!! Shayon's Labyrinth's anniversary also went by... maybe you can think of something to post there as well... ;)
Shayon said…
Okay, regarding Madhulika getting inducted in here, if she actually reads the blogs then I'll ask her to at least comment once, asking to get included. That'll show her enthu, at least. I'll then shoot her an invite.
Fair enough?

Regarding people not commenting & not participating, well...wot can I say, "To each, his own!"

I know the anniversary went by... but ain't being l8 better than being never?
raj alakshendra said…
what does it mean "Do I get an ai????? "

so , everyone is ready for madhulika but where is the plan master Mr. Raths .... what r his views ???

Btw madhulika is reading whats going on here... i hope she will comment soon...
raj alakshendra said…
@ shayon
finally a post frm Mr. PKP ... To bring into notice to everyone he is back in jsr for another 4-5 months ....
I think my n his fate has got struck in jsr ... both of us want 2leave this city but the effort is going in vain ... pata nahi what God has plans for us.. or there is something really big in this city for us...
For the time being he will be living in my flat ... finally i have got a much awaited cook ...
Only instruction for him is that keep the home clean ... tuff job for him...
Hey Raj,
What's this 'city' you keep talking about???? If it's Jam. then take another look around, I'll be exaggerating when I call it a town.
And 'ai' means 'yes'. It's Naval ('sea' and not the 'belly button'-please see the spelling) slang for yes!!!!
And what's the news in Jam.???? And I don't mean your ongoing and never ending saga with 'Niki'!!!!
And Madhulika, some updates from the coll. please. And please keep it in English as much as possible, coz your comments are seriously hard for me to fathom- nothing to do with your writting, but rather my lack of Hindi prowess.
raj alakshendra said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shayon said…
@ Raj

Chutiye! Y did u have to take the rabbit outta the hat, outta ur turn? I was, anyway, gonna talk about it in my post.

@ Dino

I, kinda, endorse Raj and Mann's sentiments... where are your pics, man?
raj alakshendra said…
sale mujhe kya pata...
waise bhi mujhe aur raths aur atri boka****a sab ko to pata hai hi....
Manvender said…
Omg!! Was amazed to see so many comments in just one day..Keep it up!!

"I am thinking of becoming a supplier of tata motors with my cleaning products..."

abey saale Tata Motors ko Amway ka mahenga saaman kharidwake uska kabaada nikaalega kya ?

The name plate outside ur Tata Motors cabin should read like
"Raj Alexander
Supplier, Cleaning Products"

Hahaha..u expect Gandhi to send an invitation to Madhulika ??He's inactive himself & we dont want Madhulika to follow his footsteps.

Gud to c bac after a long hibernation dude..We are waiting to hear a lot from u .Seriously.

Keep updating us about things from ur side of the world & by that I dont mean ur routine or anything but the "space" in which u ll b great to have smthings which we dont know about..I hope u r getting me..
Regarding Madhulika's inclusion ,Thumbs up!! In fact she had left a comment on Raj's Utkarsh post but we duffers didnt welcome or pay any heed that time..All apologies for that !!!

Rathz is nt regular here these days coz finally they all have been allotted projects
but alas everything's blocked on their computers in TCS..So he comes online mostly on weekends..
This is just height
A guy working in a s/w company & paying for doing internet in a cafe.
raj alakshendra said…
@ mannu

it costs Rs 1.05 to clean a 500 square feet of greasy floor ...the products r highly concentrated n should be used with correct dilution with water...

newez these duffers r wasting much more money on other products n then also they r not able 2 clean the floors....

if i get success in my plan then il make a lot of money... the very next day il resign....

hey mannu, u can help me in this ... il give u a call in a day or two n tell everything....

btw madhulika had written one more comment in that ph bill post...that time too v didnt pay ne attention 2 her...

@ all

Plz note my new no. +91-9771844575
my old no will also be in use...
Sakshi said…
@ Raj,
Man u are true business man...!!! all the very best for your venture.

Sure dude...will keep on updating you from my side of the world...!!! (LOL)
Raj is leaving his ph. no. like we gonna call him. Ha ha ha ha. Just kidding man. And can't even sms his no. Shee shee shee.
And Raj; dude, no discretion!!!!!
You make me sound like a real bastard, I've got a "dearest" girl and I wanna find out info on another!!!!!
Some restraint man. And if I want info on specific people, then I ask them myself or I ask you'll with the specifics included.
Dude, this ain't good man!!!!
Dude and there are girls reading this too- from what I have come to understand!!!! And in NIT, Jam. you don't even need the girls to spread rumours (no offense to the girls reading- just trying to make a point), the guys are enough!!!!
Don't do that again.
You can't believe the straight face I'm trying to keep while writting this. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. We never change do we?????
raj alakshendra said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
raj alakshendra said…
@ dion

i too agree its town not city...well the news frm this side is that juniours r placed ... ur dear nandan in L&T ... Aadya in TCS ...
I am thinking of becoming a supplier of tata motors with my cleaning products... Wait for the good news soon

well my saga with Nikita continues ...V had a great fight a week back ... N again it was all my mistake...u also know my mood...had many fights with u too n it continues online too.. She really blew me off on ph.. i said sorry infinite times but i suspect vo manegi is baar... btw nikita if u ever read this comment , m sorry ...

Welcome madhulika ... people r waiting for ur comments
raj alakshendra said…
@ dion

sorry ... it was all for fun... newez i have deleted those lines n posted the comment again....

n i know i u were infront of me then u would have killed me ...u still care a lot for ur image before the girls... u would never change ... ha ha ha...

btw i have already msgd my no to everyone n even called some of them...... n i have posted my no for u..

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