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Good Morning... Top Floorers...!!!

Hey Guys... where thou be?

Raj very conveniently commented that no one is commenting... here no has posted anything for so long...!!! Seems like everyone is busy busy busy...!!!

Its not morning, it 8 pm in the night now. Its just a wake up alarm so that we get few more posts...that too frequently. I am especially wanting to read a post from Shayon, the professional blogger himself.... but I guess Jobs do keep all of us busy.

Its not that I have been free either, had that been the case I would have posted long back. But, my Internship is keeping on my toes. As if that was not enough I had the end sems too to finish off. (Two pprs got postponed... and finally my third year is over...!!! ) In between the study and the internship, I managed a lil vacation to Neemrana. Its 85 km from Gurgaon and closer still from Manesar. (Mann, are you still in Manesar?)

It was my cousin sister's wedding, and we had the entire Neeemrana Fort Palace to ourselves...!! It was a dream wedding set at the most romantic place on earth. The Fort Palace has 50 rooms and no room numbers... all the rooms are called mahal's. (I was staying in a two bedroom suite called 'Adi Mahal'...!!!) All the rooms have antique furniture and no room is the same. Its a treat for q quite vacation... and the best part is that if you take their packages they start as low as 5k.

OK, before you start wondering, why am I promoting their packages, I must tell you that no, I am not working for them... its just that I have been reading that you guys are going to plan some holiday sometime in future... ( I dunno when that future will come) so I though that I'll tell you about a place not far from Delhi, but serene and preserved in History...!!!
PS: And you guys are welcome to view the pics on Facebook.


Sakshi, thanks for the post. We did require that jolt from the blue to wake us out of this slumber. But I'm afraid that I'm busy for sometime now and for a little time to come too, so I sorry to say, but don't expect much from my end for sometime now (2-3 weeks).
And Shayon, dude better take the hint (there were two there from what I understood)!!!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!
Shayon said…
@ Saxi want the top floorers to vacation at a romantic palace? Temme you weren't serious!

@ Dino

Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches, man!!
raj alakshendra said…
hi to all,
m back ... i was very busy for past 2 weeks .... 1st i had gone 2 kol , then nagpur ,then hyderabad... after returning back 2 jsr i was on a training for 4 dez... it was tata motors training ...

m having some sweet memories of that training n i would like 2 share with u all ... i met a girl in the training n unfortunately i fell for her ...probably she was 1-2 years elder than me ... had spent one of my best times with her ... she is the most intelligent girl i have ever found ... 1 thing i can proudly say that if m seriously liking anybody then i can do anything to get close 2 her ... after 2 long years i had fallen for another girl .... but the story ended there only ... she is also committed so i also didn try 2 continue any contact with her ...pata nahi y i alwez fall for comitted girls... but she will alwez be in my mind ...

@ sakshi
the pics r very good... u knw m also thinking of getting married in a place like that ... but its far away frm ngp ... u do one thing, search for a palace in adjoining areas of ngp ...

@ shayon
ye kutta kamina din bhar online rehta hai par ek post nahi likh sakta .... sirf kahata aur sota hai ....
Shayon said…
@ Raj

Saale, chutiye...

Teri kissmat meri tarah kab se hone lagi hai? N neways, what I shall, probably, never understand is why the fuck do you guys ever back off just 'coz the girl is already "committed", per se?

Don't you think you have it in you to replace the other guy? Be a man! Take up the challenge!! ;-)
raj alakshendra said…
@ shayon
i didnt back off....
in my last exp i had almost replaced that guy but by the end my impatience n wrong analysis caused me lot .... hey but dont worry that story is still not over... il definitely make a comebak...n in a bigger way.. jus taking my time...

in my present situation m more focused on my buss n career so i dont want 2 divert my mind again... but that girl was worth making a try ... all the doors r not closed ... i had prospected her for my buss n she was quite positive... i told her that il call u sometime ... now lets hope for the best ...
Ahhh... wat a relief to c something different here..chalo At least Sakshi mustered up the willpower & posted something.That's great!!
& wow! wat a place didnt expect that this place would be some place near the Gurgaon..Cool!!!
& hey Gandhi was in Manesar not me.

By the way guys,I want to post something but seriously not getting time these days ...Noo nt the usual excuse that "i m busy wid work" coz I hardly work for 2 hrs/day but then there are so many things to do that lil time is left..

Hahaha..abey Raj now you have yourself told abt this second crush I very well knew that you'd soon fall for somebody else coz that's the way life is or rather that's the way men are..keep on moving ahead!!!!

Shayon ..jaldi post kar bey ur much awaited post aur Raj tu bhi post kar that time I'll b ready wid mine too!!
Btw I think going into Hibernation is gud for the blog as all of us return wid full vigour & enthusiasm !!
Sakshi said…
Great response in small time... thank u all..!!!

@ Dion
I completely understand that you are busy, but please do post something as soon as you get free... Im a fan...!!!

@ shayon
dude,seriously, get a life and dont think peverts... you fall in love with a place too..and romance is an attitude... sometimes dont take things literally.

@ Mann
Ooops, sorry for the confusion...!!! But really, you guys should go n stay there once... if you like good thinhgs in life you'll love this place...

@ raj
well... inform well in advance if you paln to get married in a place like this. I'll be attending your wedding in absolute casuals, the only thing that was tough there was navigating from one place to, rather one room to another... and with the heavy clothes, this was tough.

Hmmm... seems you have been really keeping busy... but I am sure that everyone will agree when I say that, it would be more fun reading about you tryst with ur second crush... blog about it na..!!!
My god, so many things to laugh about:
1. Sakshi, notice how they guys calculate and scheme to get a girl. The way Raj said my analysis was wrong- that made me laugh so much, coz that statement is so wrong- at least to be voiced.
2. Mann, I think Sakshi inadvertently (Raj go to the dictionary, only kidding ha ha ha) suggested that you and Gandhi make a trip there (at least after reading your responses).

Ha ha ha ha. All in all, a good wake up call I'd say!
Shayon said…
You have no clue how much I might be laughing right now! :-D
By the way, if guys calculate and scheme to get a girl, what's your secret recipe? Public exhibition of your translucent boxers and waxed milk-white legs? ;-)

Dude, I am sure Saxi wasn't too aware of what she was implying with her comment but Dino ne toh teri khade khade le li!! ;-) Have a great vacation with Gandhi at the palace, man!!

You listening? Where da hell are you, man?

Being romantic is an attitude...yeah right!

Dude...try not to get drowned, balancing both your feet on multiple boats! We all, here, wish you a happy recovery from Nikita-mania!
Get Well Soon, Maamu!! ;-)

I have a post saved in the drafts for the past fortnight and haven't come to finish it up. I just do not know what's keeping me away! Kindly bear with me!!
Unknown said…
arre bahut sare logo ko jawab dena hai ... kal office se likhunga... m more free in office...
Sakshi said…
I did not say that mann and gandhi go on a vacation together... stop twisting my words around... I am the lawyer...!!!

@ Shayon
Stop being sarcastic... being romantic is an attitude... I stick by it.
Ankit said…
hey..finally i`m here...back from hibernation...and now firefox does not block these pop up comments i can btw...the updates are:

i got a car for myself...santro..dont frown that i`m a maruti employe..blah blah blah....but that is in garage now...long story...laptop after being formatted umpteen times is facing glitches again and will again be screwed....
screwed up my N73...battery is swollen and nokia guy says that i need to get it replaced else it can blast..another stry

Invaluable comments:

Been to neemrana.its really good..specially after hectic life in gurgaon...

But wat i enjoyed more was a long drive...

Secondly as far as planning is concerned...dude i dint do it and that is where i faltered...but good thing i`m over it....evrybdy tc..
raj alakshendra said…
@ sakshi
sorry i cant blog anything abt my
2nd crush ... she sometimes read visit our blog ... il tel shayon d details , u can knw frm him ....

fuck u ... i knew ul catch me on that analysis word...

atleast the 2nd crush helped me 2 come out of nikita mania...

give ur comments on ur love affair with gandhi

@ dangu
sale chutiye ... time mil gaya ... fir se hibernation pe kab jayega ???

friends i would like 2 make a few corrections on gandhi's comments

1)gandhi have u really purchased the car or u hav got it frm ur familly ... the car is in garage becoz gandhi wants 2 save petrol ... i have got this info frm our other coll mates who live in NCR...

2) i knw u dont knw hw 2 use laptops ... once in coll u took 1 full day 2 install windows in rudra's comp but by the end his system crashed totally...

3)oh God u screwed up ur N73 too ... g8 ... u must be playing with it ... trying 2 see how a swollen battery looks like n must have done a lot of research on that ... now dont be a chindi .. change its battery as early as possible..

finally it was g8 2 see ur comments ... keep alive this time
Sakshi said…
@ raj,
Kanjoos, business man, since you know that I am inclined to know the details call me up urself...else no tips.
Shayon will not play messanger, this time.
@ Gandhi,
All of em have twisted my words... Please check the comments on various other previous posts, that talks about top floorers planning to holiday together...I was just suggesting the place.

You can second my opinion, coz u did like the place.
Saala kahte hain naa ki "kutte ka puch seedha nahin ho sakta" wahi haal Gaandhi ka hai..
instead of saying Hi,hello etc.. to all & asking st like 'howdy guys..long time"etc or instead apolozing that he was nt active saala poora apna gadgets kaa current status ka description dena shuru kar diya ..Sudhar jaa bey!!!
Just pulling ur leg dude anyway, Welcome back!! Now we hope to c u regularly here..

Dion, Raj, Shayon
Hahaha..I am all game for taking Gandhi for a "special trip" .Aft all he is my cute daangu friend & u guys very well know how much I love him ..:PPPPP


Come on ,no need to give clarification.We all r a bunch of idiots or rather bastards who target one or the other from time to time.So this time I think the dial is pointing towards me :p.. I'll soon pass the buck to somebody else after playing the game :-)

Keep up the gud spirit.Keep rocking!!
These new comments again put a smile on my face!
Raj is telling Gandhi to spend money!
And Gandhi, there's always the option of Internet Explorer if Firefox don't open!
And Gandhi, listen to Raj and spend that money, who know's (heaven forbid though), you'll be spending more on doctor's bills if you don't change that battery soon.
Ankit said…
hey...i did use the word "hey" we need a formal hi or hello at this stage...after all evryone in this blog lives has a special place in ohter persons heart...
@ raj
arey yaar...trip to ma plant costs 180 bucks per day.....sorry i aint ready for looking for cng option....since i dint drive it much...things got complicated...and a doctor was needed...
and about comp stuff...i repair things on my own...secondly i crash them because i experiment a i've learnt to create portable softwares for any software

i am spending the money yaar lke anyhting...and gandhi is no more chindi, believe me....and i do not "invest" like manu for the sake of spending but just splurge it sometimes wen i get time...believe me, company has screwed me up like anyhting...but its ok till i`m new model cooridnator...u get to meet all dept....specially the chicks in R&D.....
and about IE, that got crashed long back...was tweaking some registries in regedit...and after that in never worked....


koi ni...everybody is just pulling other persons farak painda least i get a smile on ma face wen ol frens do it...
Gandhi, I don't mean to be a bummer to you're Edison type research, but dude, STOP IT!!!! You aren't Edison and the computer has already been invented. Crashing it isn't gonna solve anything (or nmaybe it will, so keep doin what you're doin and someday thank me). You may anyway thank me someday for either bringing you down to earth or spurring you on to greater heights (I've covered the bases, ha ha ha).
Also, get a life, the girls in R&D will be worse than the ones at NIT, Jam. You must have noticed that we had none if very few MTech women in our coll.- take the hint dude. Think, 2 yrs more after what NIT, Jam did for 4 yrs!!! think of the state in which those girls leave!!!!!
Man seriously, take my advice and hang out with Mann. He seems to have all the women things figured out (but stay away from those gurujis of his, else you might revert back to the old ways- I mean what you spoke about in your first few years in Jam- until we showed you the light!!).
Ha ha ha ha!
raj alakshendra said…
gandhi ne khula invitaion diya hai ki aao aur meri maar lo ... jsb koi uski marta hai tab uske chehre pe muskan aata hai ... kya baat hai ... to maanu apne fav dango hi ye sapna jaroor pura karna...

i dont think so ki coll girls were dat much bad atleast the 2k5 batch.. u fell for 2 girls of dat batch n both were very good... now u don deny this... n i think u havnt a better girl dan her till date ... oye is baar load mat lena ... i havn written anybody's name... hey hw can v forget d girl who had gone crazy for u ...
Gud morning guys!!
Wat a start to a new day..with a smile on my face aft reading all these absurd comments...
I agree wid Dion that since those gals are in R&D deptt so we can logically infer that they must be 4m engg colleges & we better know the quality so dont try to fool us Ok
Secondly , even if there are gud gals outta there ,guys we all are damn sure that Gandhi must be leaving ONE HELL OF AN IMPRESSION on them..A NEVER LASTING ONE :pppp

Dude my guruz are cool guys nt the usual stereotype preachers but philosohers.. They have introduced me to a lot of so-called big shots as the bro of one these guys runs an NGO,YTF & has his own film production house.Recently Mukta Arts(Subash Ghai's co.) has tied up wid their production house for one film...Will talk about it in more detail in a post .Hope this letharginess leaves me!!
Forgot to compliment u..Your last comment was gud..Gandhi kay comments ka sahi interpretation kiya hai
raj alakshendra said…
@ sakshi

congrats for getting highest no of comments on this blog breaking the last record of 20 ... its surprising 2 see that someone who is not frm our coll made this record... so one girl is more than enough for all the guys...
Sakshi said…
@ Raj
Thanks a ton...!!!
I especially want to thank you coz, your comments come the first... (mostly). And of course you are the one who suggested that I should write for TWM.

@ All
No thank you speeches, but a thank you never theless for the record breaking comments...!!!

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