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Your correspondent from Kolkata..

Hi guys & gal of course..

I am really missing a net connexion, I feel like I have missed a lot of action last week. In the hustle bustle of professional life, it really went out of my mind that TWM Online anniversary has come & gone. Though I must confess my work is not hectic but yes I don't have the 'privileged access' at office :-(. Mannu its like that here, we don't mix bussiness with pleasure!!

So in the past one year, TWM proved to be a platform to share our lives after the memorable time together in college. May be even others want to be a part of TWM, so is it that we bring in more people to contribute. We should form a core team to approve new members & lay terms & conditions probably ;-), coz TWM needs unconditional love.

Friends I have read all your posts & seen your pics, but since I did a lot of reading(the comments go longer than the posts these days) which took a long time; I can only manage this post. Dion specially you, I DID see your pics & DO read your posts and yes like all I too would like to see the man in flesh & blood in few of the pics. Sakshi it seems you will definitely get lots of case studies to write about in TWM. Shayon yeah we need a post from the original blogger himself.

Well that's all for this weeK..

Catch you all again soon(I think that will be next weekend)..



Sakshi said…
Hey Rathz...
thanks for the tip... it seems that you summed the comments for the past few posts in this one... and that I must say is very very clever... this way TWM gets a new post and the comments are there too...!!!!
raj alakshendra said…

M back after 2 dez break...Was in kol on sunde n monde obviously for buss ... but i love going there for more reasons ... it is the place where i have a sound sleep ...i feel Raths home more friendly than my own in jsr... I get 2 see some really hot bong babes ... n best one is waliking on the lanes of Salt lake n that too when its drizzling ...

Everytime I go to kol i definitely eat misti doi ,a hope i have written it correctly ...

Btw friends there are 40 new launches in Amway by 10th sept... The 1st one is energy drink on
20th (only Rs 75 for 300ml)
Baki ka product details baad mein...
Unknown said…

yeah you caught me!!


yahaan to business mat kar..fone pey sabko bata dena..
raj alakshendra said…
sab ke sab kahan mar gaye.... suddenly comments have dried up...

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