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The Vicious circle

Let me take the opportunity to congratulate Raj Alakeshandra-a veteran TWM member for adding a feather in our cap by taking the leap from "singledom" to "Hey!I'm committed now"!
Kudos!! to him for completing the mission which I'm sure wouldn't have been an easy one to accomplish & the path to which would have been full of thorns,uncertainities & anxiety & which folks like us will probably never be able to achieve.
Now, since Raj has become the member of the prestigious 'TWM committed lounge' which now boasts of four members -two of whom are committed to each other,I want to take this opportunity to address the rest of US-the Uncommitted ones!!

"THE REST OF US" Folks,let me give you the bitter pill & you'll have to gulp it down -we are never going to get committed.Yes!! that's the truth.We are never going to get committed until & unless we spend all our time,efforts & energies(which we lazy people are not gonna do for sure)in fighting this war aginst this strong uncommitted curse. Let me puth forth my views on why we are gonna lose this battle & come out as "Uncommitted" only.These are my views based on my own experiences,the enusing critical analysis & long brooding over the successive debacles.
Out of the 100% "gud gals"(definition subject to your perception :D) available :
1)60% are already committed and at least my self respect doesnt allow me to go after them(read second-hands)!!
2)10% of them are too gud to approach .Also because you know that tens of guys would already be after her you dont want to look like a child running in vain after a candy.
3)10% are not interested.
4)Now comes the most relevant part for us -the rest 20% of the gud gals.Out of this sample size, even when by mistake u get lucky enough(mind the importance of "by mistake")& you start making castles in the air, there comes a person who plays the spoilsport & to your astonishment you are shocked to know who that person is.You have to bite your nails on realising that it's none other than "YOU".That's freakin' me out!! Your kidding me right!!How can it be myself ?No way, it can't be me.After all,I want that gal & want her very bad.Kid!Come on!! Who says you dont want her? True!!You want her.You like her but until & unless you are a person who can't change himself even a little bit for somebody else you stand on the slippery grounds of losing her.You realise that you can't pretend to be somebody else just for winning the girl.Before going ahead,I'd like to define this very over-used word "to be somebody else" ?What does it mean ? Or does it mean anything at all-maybe it's a word overused in english music(used freely by Pantera,MLTR,Alanis Morisette,Linkin Park,Audioslave to cite a few examples) which doesn't have real life meaning but IT DOES HAVE.

Teacher:"Kids! Give some examples of being somebody else with respect to love"

Joe:"You really dont like going through the unncessary pains of making all the efforts of winning somebody's heart but have to.After all u ll get to smell the 'forbidden sex' ".
Jane:"You dont like the idiosyncracies of the girl but you keep telling yourself that come on! who in the world doesnt have drawbacks!"
Tom:"You really dont understand that what is the driving force behind your motive-you want love or is it for "acceptance" or are you looking for sex or are you looking for a change or still worse are you looking for it coz you are 23 & you still havent haven't got IT(word open for interpretation!!)"
Dick:"You walk down the road & you see some babe hanging around with somebody who is way below her standard & the devil raises his head inside you & laughs"So you thought you were better than him.Hahahah..The reality is infront of you!! & you make a resolve that you will get a girl like that."
Harry:"For me, being somebody else is fakin' a conversation.It drives me nuts talking on phone & talking about things which really don't have any meaning,significance but then you ought to do it because that's how you will keep the girl hooked.It takes a heavy toll on my mental faculties listening to somebody's daily routine-what they did the whole day,where they went,what happened on the road while she was waiting for the cab,why the manager went bersek on one of her teammates,how she's planning to cope up since her stupid bai didnt come.Teacher,This is utter nonsense.When I'm not interested to talk about all these things then instead of judging it the girl thinks it's an opportunity to go on with her boring rant & to listen to it unwillingly is what I term as being somebody else"

Uhh!!!Enough of the above teacher-student interaction but frankly it becomes all the more difficult when you are person who is almost content with his own way of life-who really doesn't need anybody 'coz he already has lots of different interesting things to spend his day in.Also being a person who likes to be alone & who doesnt really like calling up people & thinks it takes a heavy toll on himself & his mental faculties by talking to a girl on phone,you don't want to do it!

And then slowly & steadily, it starts striking you that you have to be yourself & you just dont want to go ahead now even if it means that the relationship you have been trying to build so cautiously is dying a slow death but you dont have any control over it neither u really want to have control because you know you are happy without that special thing & u keep telling urself that dont need all this external happiness coz there are things u like which give u more happiness without asking for anything in return!!
So the relationship is finally dead!
& This death marks the final step of the "vicious circle" coz the cycle starts all over again like the one glorified by Odgen Nash in his poem "This is going to hurt just a little bit"

One month after the death:
I want to get into a relationship.But there's no girl out there .Will find a girl ASAP & this time it's gonna work."Forever & Ever"-so cute!! "God,Please gimme a gal.I want to get into a relationship & the daydreaming starts..DO NOT DISTURB!!

A conversation with my bro better sums up the entire story & probably gives a better err bitter picture.
My bro said "Seeing you & your record I can tell you that you will surely get a gal!!"
Voila!!I almost jumped with excitement & with a smug face asked him "Ohh really!!When? When?"
"When Mom & Dad will find a gal for you & will get you married to her.Before that tera koi chance nahin lagta !!!"-He retorted
And ironically I dont have any plans of marriage so does that mean that....... God NO!!!!HELP ME GOD!!!


raj alakshendra said…
mast likha hai ...esp the last line ...
Sakshi said…
Awesome... gimme a chance.. am still on the look out...!!! dont get this disheartened...!!!
Thanks !!!

thanks!! & Thank you very much maam now when I am probably going away from this place ab kuch search mat kar...From the duration of "ur search" it seems like u gonna bring me an alien!! No thanks! I am happy wid humans :-)..
& whozz disheartened? way!
Sakshi said…
Mannu... by your post you surely sound disheartened...!! I take your word that you are happy being single.
And, please- your requirements in a girl are... too much...!!!
Hey Mutha!
Amazing dude! You've made me laugh at the stuff you've written. Coz I can imagine you actually saying the whole thing to me during one of the lengthy chats we used to have (albeit before the advent of the laptop!). Dude! Ha ha ha ha ha ha.......

And who is the 4th committed one? I can think of just three.
And recite after me:
"Happy to be a Bachelor boy, until the day I die"!
Thats from the song 'Bachelor boy'.

raj alakshendra said…
dipayan is the 4th one????
Sakshi said…
Yup Dipayan is the 4th one... no one else that I can think off...!!

Raj, though, I want you to write a post how it actually feels to be in a relationship... and since you have already mentioned that its STD, when are you meeting her?
Guys this is bad!! How can you forget that Chiru is the fourth committed member.He has a gf in Kol.


Thanks Dude!! Singing along wid u..

"Happy to be a bachelor boy until my dying day!!"

Some of my crap rap lines :
"Will lose my bachelorhood only if there's no tension & pain
but they say it's the name of the game Without no pain ,there's no gain
so i think my bachelorhood status is gonna remain unchanged "

Ya,you are right. That's too much to ask for.I agree!!
Btw,I think "disheartened" is an euphemism for frustrated.Isn't it?
Also ,one request !!Guys I just read the post again & saw that there were a coupla typos & grammatical mistakes..If you guys find sometime after you have read the post(any post ,posted by anyone) then please do edit the post on your own as anything wid typos & other errors doesnt make for a good read .All these errors unknowingly creep in the article until & unless you have proofread it a couple of times!!
Sakshi said…
RAJ- Its sakshi
Stop mis spelling my name...!!!

Only a few ppl have the autority to edit - i.e Shayon and Dion.
And both are busy bees...!!!

And, Disheartening was a better word...!!!
raj alakshendra said…
@ sakshi

oh sorry.. actually bolne ki aadat hai

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