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Please don't stop the music!

I have been thinking about writing this article for a real long-time & finally yesterday I finally mustered up the courage to start it.What jettisoned me to write this article is that lately,I have been having a series of dreams about music. In one of these dreams,I was asking Dion whether he has heard of a band called 'The shadows'. Someday s back,I met Shankar Madhavan (of course, in my dreams again) & in one more, I watching the video of "Walking in Memphis" but strangely in this "dream video" instead of Cher there was a very old man.In an another dream ,I was chatting with Aamir Khan while walking down the road & was asked by him to compose the music for his next film.Wow!! Isn't that great ?Probably that's the best thing about dreams -Anything is possible.Ok! Now let me Jet Set Go!

Since music happens to be a passion for me or rather a religion for me,I have been constantly exploring it and during this exploration process which started 3 years back,I realise that the phrase "Ignorance is bliss" couldn't have been more true.
Two years back, when I came here I thought that I have heard a lot of english music .Now I look back & realise that it was too ridiculous to have even thought like that.
After having found tens of new bands & artists,sometimes when my I-have-heard-a-lot-of-music ego gets inflated & I think I have heard far & wide,I am brought down to earth when I discover some band which had been very famous on the circuit & I was unaware about it's existence .The illusion gets dispelled as I realise there are tens & hundreds of famous bands with great music which I am not even aware of.
Here in India, we listen to Metallica, Iron Maiden ,Pink Floyd,Green Day,The Bealtes,Simon & Garfunkel & think that we are the gurus of english music while the fact is what we listen here is termed as "Old school stuff " abroad.
Sometimes I get scared by this passion for music.I spend hours playing the guitar,checking out videos on youtube,reading about music on the internet,talking at length with fellow musicians .Then for some reason I feel like controlling myself & I hear myself saying that all this is gonna lead you nowhere. Rolling Stones magazine ain't gonna invite me to write some article on music but then it's difficult to control an addict! Maybe it will lead me nowhere.But It's like falling in love.Simply Uncontrollable.
In this article ,I am not writing about the usual stuff we all listen to because who doesn't listen to Metallica,Iron Maiden,Enrique,BSB etc.Maybe if you are bored with your collection,then it's time to explore more.So in this article I have written about songs,bands,artists which I found really good.

Here are some of the top picks
Check out these songs :
Angie - The Rolling Stones
Right Now - Van Halen (a song which is my emotional support)
E.S.P - Bee Gees
Moonlight shadows - The shadows/Groove Coverage
I wanna hear your heartbeat - Bad Boys blue (A great mood elevator for me.)
A la la la long - Inner Circle
Behind Blue Eyes - The Who/Limp Bizkit
Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy version( I was almost in tears when I heard first heard this version of song.May her soul R.I.P)
Dust in the Wind - Kansas
Pain - Jimmy Eat World
No rain - Blind Melon
Remember the Name - Fort Minor
Have you ever seen the rain - Rod Stewart
I will survive - Gloria Gaynor( A lot of emotions & feelings fill you up while listening to this song .Really inspirational for those who have faced the brunt of love)
And finally the oldie-goldie of all times
Last christmas - The Wham! (Remixes done by Crazy Frog,Ashley Tislade,Cascada, Taylor swift, Hillary Duff,Mariah Carey & the list goes on & on.Basically every artist has done his/her cover of this beautiful song in his/her album)

Some picks from contemporary hip-hop.I know you would have heard most of these but anyway here we go:

1.Take you there - Sean Kingston
2.Apolozise - One Republic
3.Numb Encore - Linkin Park/Jay-Z
4.Right now now - Akon
5.In da Club - 50 cents
6.Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf ft Lil Wayne

There are a host of other hip-hop superstars such as R-Kelly ,Lil' wayne , Tupac who have/had become a rage all over the globe but I haven't still figured out the reason for the same? With all techno music,the beats in their songs seem hollow & empty.Anf for me at least,it's difficult to stand their music.

Here are some of the songs I listen to the most :

Pyschosocial - Slipknot
Scar tissue - RHCP
Hey Oh(Snow) - RHCP
Spun - Flipsyde
I just died in your arms tonight - Cutting Crew
Rock Is Dead - Marliyn Manson
Guitar Town - Steve Earl
Bishakta Manush - Fossils (Bong rock.Really Rocks)
Bicycle Chor - Fossils ( This song can give english metal a run for money)

For those rock bashers(especially girls :D) who think rock is noise polution & those enjoy dancing their way to glory on snazzy,pop numbers with good beats, Groove Coverage , 4 strings ,Kurofai,Rulers of the Deep(house & trance music) are highly recommended.
ABBA is one band which had been the muse of Indian music directors who took "inspiration" from most of their songs. Though I dont like their music that much as their songs have quite a feminine theme. Who says that only Indian music directors are known for plagiarism ? Look at Avril Lavigne; her blockbuster hit "I wanna be your girlfriend" (with the highest number of hits on Youtube) is actually a copy of "I wanna be your boyfriend" by the "The Ramones".
Flipsyde is also another of my all-time favorites -really good music with great lyrics & rap (Someday ,Spun & Trumpets are some of the gems).Don't know why they couldn't become very popular.Maybe because they have stayed away from contoversy right from the beginning.
Some very true lines from one of their songs
"Some girls they love to lie .Some girls I ll never trust .
Maybe it's all a compromise.Maybe I expect too much"

Moving on ,if you are a great fan of 80s rock then Ozzy Osburne,Skid Row,Bon Jovi(his wembley stadium live concert is a must see-a sea of humanity),Alice Cooper,Def Leppard should be your picks.I am still searching for what sub-genre do all these bands fall into.
For those bloody heavy metal mongers like me,rock your guts out with S.O.A.D ,Rise Against,The Foo Fighters. You can also check out Children of Bodom, Pantera ,Disturbed, ,Rage Against the Machine but it may take time for a person to get used to the heavy distortion and fast beats used by these bands.
If you want to take a break from headbanging and you aren't in a mood to go to one of those insane mosh pits,then try Kansas, Boston ,Fleetwood Mac.All these bands and their members really personify the true hippie culture-long beards ,untidy looks like those of the sadhu babas you see in holy places in India etc.These bands have an influence of blues & have a very bluesy feel to them.
Then we have the biggest suckers "The Jonas Brothers" who seem to have become a rage (especially among the college going girls)-riding the wave of fame on their good looks & toned bodies.

The bands/artists next on my list of to-be-explored are Uriah Heep, Tina Turner,Johnny Cash, Godsmack, Frank Zappa. Although I have heard some of their songs but yet to explored them properly.
Folks! Please do let us know any new bands you would like to suggest. I am always hungry for more.
Finally,Closing the article on a very hot,hot note. Do check out the song "All the things she said" (t.a.T.u).The girls are lasciviously hot & have an on-stage/on-screen lesbian image.Mama Mia!
In the song,one girl is in love with the other & the lyrics goes on like
"And I'm all mixed up, feeling cornered and rushed
They say it's my fault but I want her so much
Wanna fly her away where the sun and rain
Come in over my face, wash away all the shame
When they stop and stare - don't worry me
'Cause I'm feeling for her what she's feeling for me"

Anyway,I have composed one rap song.The lyrics is pretty good,music is gud but am having problem in rapping it out .Will try to upload it as soon as i finish it.
Unlike my previous posts, I couldn't be creative while writing this article as it was more of a factual one but I just wanted to share all the info with you all.
Please don't stop the music!


Nice piece. Did you know 'Please don't stop the music' is a Rihana song too? And the song by Inner Circle is called 'Sweat' not 'A la la la long'. ;D
I've heard some of the songs on that list. 'Sweat' for example came out sometime in 95 or something. I've heard Rolling Sotne' 'Angie' too.
Check out this song 'Rebel Yell'- Billy Idol.
I like Flypside's 'Someday' too- you told me about it.
I especially like the comment about the Jonas Brothers. ROTFLMAO!
Sakshi said…
Awesome... dude...!!!
raj alakshendra said…
I would cal this passion for music. haven heard of most of the bands n songs . Il definitely listen 2 them one by one.
Hey dude!!All this credit goes to u man.Hadn't it been for you I would have never got introduced deeply into english music .Thanks a lot!
Anyway ,Ya I know it's a Rihanna song & you remember you had one brought one CD with the "Sweat" song in 1st year & we used to analyse the lyrics so much.. ;-)
Dude, also let me wat all do ppl listen to there wid u ?

Wat the hell..A two word long comment.Uhh!

haan bhaiyya .yeh passion mera career le main kuch waam nahin karta hoon es sab kay chakkar main..
& ya as u had told me sometime back that youtube aint blocked in your office .Now you can check out all these songs..They are good!!
Shayon said…
Whoa! A much faster internet connection in office had me wondering what could I load up their bandwidth with. You suddenly gave me a pretty good objective to go to office :-)
Sakshi said…
Mannu sweetie-
true feelings about the article in few words...
over with your exams ?

dude i guess u would have better things to do in office than watch these videos there
Sakshi said…
Yeah- Exams Up... yipeeeeeeeee
apurva_aggy said…
Hey excellent article...But being a member of the 'old school' kinda fan club u talk abt...I found the best ever rock band missing in ur blog-Led Zeppelin..and maybe The Who...but awesome awesome stuff!!!
Hey Apurva..It's u man!! Great to c u here on our website..
Ya..Actually apart from a few Led Zep Jems like Stairway to heaven,KasHmir(from which RATM copied it's Matrix theme) & Black Dog I havent explored LedZep much..& I love "The Who"'s Behind blue eyes..others songs-yet to be explored ;-)
Anyway Thanks !!!!

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