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Is This Love...

I havnt slept last nite. I was talking to a girl on phone that too STD for 4.5hrs. I had to keep the ph becoz my balance got over. I know her for some 4 months.A common friend of us had introduced each other. I havent ever met her .I had seen her pic. She is too good. But from day one I had talked 2 her she has been in my mind. Am I falling for her ?? I am confused . I dont want to but I have started generating feelings for her .Is telephonic love possible ?? Or its just attraction ??
what should i do next ?? Should I tell her about my feelings ??


abey fir shuru ho gaya tera chakkar!!
ek story ka THE END aur dusri story ka shri ganesh!!!
raj alakshendra said…
its life n v shud keep on moving
Sakshi said…
OMG... go for the kill RAJ... and please DONT wait... if she is good... and you like talking to her... just tell her...!!!
PLEASE PLEASE...!!! Fuck am low on Balance... warna would have caleed you right now...!!!

ALL THE BEST...!!! and Lets hear some good news...!!!
Neo said…
Okay Sakshi, have to disagree with you here. Maybe, just maybe the girl freaks out if he tells her how he feels about her. Then? What is he going to do?

So Mr. Raj, I'd say you keep talking to her and eventually you'll realize where you're heading.
But then of course it's your decision ultimately. Good luck!
raj alakshendra said…
Who s this "footloose " ?
As per i feel if u wait too long den u end ur being a very very good friend not more dan that.
Lekin josh mein hosh bhi nahi khona chahiye.
I donno wht m goin 2 do.
Sakshi said…
Ms. Footloose is a friend of mine... I guess she got directed to TWM thanks to me.
Anyways... I have already given you my deadline...
Ankit said…
sahi u always said in hostel....bus, train & bandi!! par mere case main sirf bus aur train hi sach hua hai....any tips??
Sourav said…
Bawa...kaun ho tum???

Jai Hind!!!

Chup koi nahee hasegaa...
Hey Raj,
I'm not here to offer any advice. I'm in the 'chicken out' lot when it comes to these matters.
And all the new people posting comments:
By the powers invested in me by Shayon and the admin group, I hereby declare that any person commenting for the first time on this blog (or if you've changed your name/title on your google profile), you have to sign off your comment with a name. PLEASE!

That new ruling was because apart from 'footloose doll', there's another person 'Grip of Bigotry' who's interested in Raj's love life and we (maybe I speak for myself only) have no clue who you are!
raj alakshendra said…
i agree with dion.. the new people should write their name...

well friends the good newa is thst i told her n she accepted ..

so sakchi i completed the project much b4 the deadline
Sakshi said…

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