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jamshedpur ki shardi

Nature at its best... this is half km away frm my flat
Neela aasman so gaya...

Outside my flat taken at 7.30 am...

Inside office premises at 7.30 am...

Office pic 2...

Its tough to drive in this condition...

But then we somehow reach office at 7.30 am to punch...


So Raj Alekshander is back..I was surprised to see this post but anyway it's great ...welcome BACK!!!
Sakshi said…
RAJ is BACK...!!! WELCOME...!!! We missed you...!!!
Nice pics...
You go to work at 7:30??
Shit, I hand it to you man!
And dude, we all know about Jamshedpur ki Sardhi!
Shayon said…
It ain't 'sardhi'... it's 'sardi' ;-)
So, u back in US, eh? How was your littlr tour?

Welcome back, dude! The pics do get me nostalgic 'coz I've seen not just the fog but even those walls and some of those roads, first hand.

How's TATA MOTORS doing, by the way? Has it opened its gates for its employees again? ;-)

Ab lagta hai mujhe bhi "Dilli ki Sardi" ki pics click karni padegi!! :-)
raj alakshendra said…
the doors r again closed from 11th to 18th.
Sakshi said…
Hmmmm, oops, I guess I missed the point of Reaching the office at 7.30 in the morning... Shit...!!! That is torture.
Reminds me of the time when I used to go to school...!!!
raj alakshendra said…
the doors have reopened . the plant is nt getting closed during the above period.
Ankit said…
hey raj.....nice to c u is again complete!!

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