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"my arrange marriage story" part 3

"my arrange marriage story" part 1

"my arrange marriage story" part 2

After that mail , she called me ... What a sweet voice it was - such a soothing effect to ears ...
We started to do regular conversations from morning to night ... we used all possible means
of communications - calls, sms , mails , chat , fb ...

I was so happy as if i am in heaven ... there was smile always on my face ... Even the wait for her calls or sms was so exciting ... We both are so talkative and keep on talking for hours ... Mobile balance also atarted to get over... We talked as if we have been knowing each other for years and there is no tommorow.

Oh , I missed out something ... "maian pyaar bhawnao mein beh gaya" ...

What happened to the marriage thing ???
Actually we two decided that we would talk for few days & if it works out well we can move further ahead to the next step ...

Now this whole arrange marriage scenario was no more arrange marriage !!!

Both side parents gave us an ultimatum that to decide fast what to do and here started the twist in the tale... They were also correct as they had planned arrange marriage but we were not giving any final decisions ...

Next is what ??? We both were not in a mood to marry so early as we have to achieve few career goals...

And as it happens in all the stories we took a mutual decision to separate and that is how the story ended .

This was a flash incident in my life ... She came n she left in no time but she left a lasting affect on my life ... Somewhere, down the line I miss that smile , that sweet voice ...

Final words to the lady of dreams : If u r reading these posts , I would say lets make a U turn ... Life is too short to loose good things ... Think about this ...


Sakshi said…
You are kidding me Raj! This was like a two liner.. I was wanting to read more!
But, I really hope that good sense prevails!
raj alakshendra said…
@ sakshi
I had planned to write up something like previous two parts n I had even started like that only ...
But slowly I felt that I am going into flashback - the good times spent together ... I just didn't feel like writing after that ...

So , I cut short the story ... I hope u understand :)
@ Raj,
This is the longest marriage proposal I've ever heard! Ha ha ha ha ha!
All the best! I hope you end up with what makes you happy!

D (Cheering from the sidelines!)
I think what makes Raj happy is the act of meeting new girls.Lucky bastard! :D
raj alakshendra said…
u also go for arrange marriage n become lucky :)
Anurag said…
Mr. Raj usual a danky doodle ....good show !!!!!!

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