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Without a return ticket

After a whole 1 year, I purchased another one-way ticket. The date: August 7th, 2011. Whereto? To peace, I hope. Okay, I wish.


raj alakshendra said…
I pray u get peace there ... good luck ...
@ Shayon
All you can do is hope!
All the best!

Unknown said…
Best wishes..

Lately many have shifted base to Bombay! That's the place to be?
Anonymous said…
MUMBAI, please.
Sakshi said…
Well it is Mumbai. But what's with the anon comment ?
Please let us know who you are! Thanks!
Unknown said…
Ye hai Bombay meri jaan :)

Yes, Mumbai it is but the old name comes up when talking amongst friends, while in conversation with a new person, Mumbai is the name that is the pointer..

Btw Mr Anonymous, your name please?
raj alakshendra said…
i dont like mumbai !!!
Sakshi said…

A lot of people don't like that city. It has gali's in the name of main roads, and instead of trees, it is a concrete jungle.

But, that city has something that none of the other cities that I have come across has- A spirit. A pulse. And to feel that pulse of the city, you have to let go.
Go and sit at the nariman point and look out at the sea.. and look at the world pass by you.. and surprisingly you find peace in midst of all the hoo hoopla!

That is Bombay, meri Jaan!
raj alakshendra said…
@ sakshi
I haven't felt the 2nd part of ur comment, about mumbai n that might be the reason I don't like the city much ... But I would love to feel that Bombay ...
@ Anon!
I was born in Bombay, I grew up calling it Bombay, I still call it Bombay and I will do so to my very last breath!
Any problems with that?
We are all citizens of a free country aren't we?

@ All,
I don't like Bombay because it's crowded, messy and the air is horrible. However, I do get Sakshi's point that there are locales where there's a certain peace amidst all the madness.
So bottom line, I really do not like cities and metros, just because of the above stated reasons.
That being said, Bombay will always hold a close place in my heart!
Philadelphia is catching up to Bombay as my favourite city and may soon cross it- it's a city without the crowds!

Sakshi said…

I know, how beautiful philly is! I have so much of my family there!
I have to visit the US of A soon!

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