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"my arrange marriage story" part 2

continued from part 1 :

"my arrange marriage story" part 1

So here enters the fairy in jeans and top . Surprisingly she was not in saree or suit . Next gen girl !!! She was in no make up . A pure natural beauty with a superb smile and long hair that adds to her beauty . Also she has got a nice height.

The whole scene goes like this .
There are total six people with three on either side of the table. My family had supposed that parents will sit in-front of each other and "ladka-ladki aamne - samne" .
But positioning got changed a bit .Neha sat opposite my mom . Her mom opposite my dad and her dad opposite of me . After some normal intro there was pin drop silence . To break the silence my mom said some really poor joke on which everybody was pretending to laugh.

Neha's dad sitting in-front of me was continuously looking at me . I rolled my eyes here and there to find that uncle was again looking at me (as a result i was not able to peek at neha). It reminded me of school days when teacher would stand beside me to look into my exam paper what i was writing.. That is when i forget even the easiest of answers...
Anyways to distract myself i started chatting with shayon on BBM . But still i was not feeling comfortable . Uncle asked me few normal questions .
Then a call came from my brother as a blessing from God . I got up to attend the call . Thank God when I returned back aunti had come in place of uncle .
After having coffee all the oldies left to leave us alone talking to each other .

And I must admit that it was the best one hour of my life . We talked as if we haven't met for the first time . Her smile , her voice , her eyes , her words - oh what to say . Everything was perfect . She is one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen or rather met .I was totally blank on her astonishing beauty . It was like love at first sight .

In between I was getting so many calls , sms , pings , mails . Everyone has the same question "kya hua " ... Getting irritated i put my phone on silent mode.

Our meet got over after some 1.5 hours when we both realized that our chat is getting too long.

On the return journey dad asked me "chalegi kya" and my ans was "daudegi" . This is how two engineers do conversation.
Next day we gave our confirmation to the girl's side and were waiting for their reply .I was very confident that we will get a yes from their side too . In fact my family has bought sweets too . But , life has never been so easy for me .
They said that they want some time to decide . I had my train in the evening , so i left for jamshedpur.
In the train I was feeling very restless .I was thinking would i ever be able to talk to her again ( I was not having her no). I actually missed her and the whole night i couldn't sleep .

Everything has come to a dead end . No progress , nothing ... I then realized that if i like the girl then I am the one need to do something. So, I sent mailed her and asked her to talk to me directly. For two days i didn't get any reply and I thought its over but my heart was not ready to accept this fact. Finally, on third day when I was giving a product demo , I got a mail .The mail I have been waiting for,the mail which will decide my future actions. And yipee the mail was from Neha . She gave her phone no. wow !!! I was on cloud nine. I became so happy that I gave my customer my whole margin as discount .

I read that mail many times . You do the silliest of things when u start liking someone. You will start feeling the motion , (directions and all other physics terms of) wind , everything starts looking so fresh , its a different kinda feeling ... u can't express this feeling , u can only feel it ...

I think I was falling in love ...

to be continued in part 3 (last part) ...


atri said…
This is not the latest update ( at least for me ) ..... I remember that day when you were crying sitting at flatlet and for the first time in my life, in that 1 hour, I did not hear the word amway from you.....
raj alakshendra said…
u jack a** that "crying" thing was too much .. I agree i was upset but nothing like that had happened ... saale jyada masala mat laga !!!

btw i would never leave a chance to speak about amway :)
atri said…
I will not let this wall mag a battle field....but will definitely make your apartment a battle field...will be in the town on 11th Aug...see you then...just remember you are badly screwed....

Unknown said…
@Archmage: what exactly was that supposed to mean?
Sakshi said…
Arre waah.. Raj, this sounds like a total filmy script. Of course, this is not the latest that has been happening.. but then, the way you have described it.. I can totally picture you doing all of what you have said.
Part III bol, jaldi!
raj alakshendra said…
oye load mat le ...
btw what u r going to do with me ...

did u notice the "archmage" word ... full fire mein hai !!!

part 3 on 4th Aug ... sabr ka meetha hota hai :)
@ Raj,
Nice! Can't wait for part 3!
See, you're pulling viewers in by dangling that carrot of hope!

@ Shayon,
Atri b***c**** will be Atri always. Who knows what's going on in Jam., between him and Raj. We're out of the loop now.

@ Atri da,
Done with your preparations? When do you land?

@ Sakshi,

Unknown said…
abey Atri sahi mein Raj ro raha tha !haha..serious mamla hai tab to..

Is there a twist at the end, what if something does happen after you have penned your story? Any chances??

Does the girl read your stories? Her reactions would be interesting!
raj alakshendra said…
@ Dion
nothing going on between me n atri ... U know atri wil be ABC ...

@ raths
Cry thing is a total fake .. Atri ne bhi puri izzat ki watt laga di ..
I am hoping for a turn around !!!and if that happens then u guys will read part 4 ;)

I hope she is reading all this ...
Mast likha hai bey bheedu. Teri shaadi ho ya nahin ho but mujhe lagta hai ki tu writer ban ne waala hai.
I can't stop laughing on reading the fight between Raj and Boka.
raj alakshendra said…
actually v can see the excitement of Boka going to US ...

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