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Updates ,replies & masti !!!!

Wanted to update you all that my family has finally moved to Mumbai now & guess what I am really really very happy for it. Maybe I wouldnt have been that happy had I got moved there alone 'coz living there alone is a struggle in itself but when your family moves there you have all the comforts of the world.As they say "Home Sweet home". By the way, we are now on Dr. Ernest Borgoes Road,Parel .So meet ya sometime there & also let's plan a trip sometime in Dusherra to Khandla,Daman ,Goa etc.It'll fun !!!

Thanks for the compliment..btw who gives a damn abt "Inappropriate content"..if someone finds it that way so he shouldn't visit it naa & btw this blog is OURS where we can freely write whatever we want..Right ??

Thanks man, it would have been much better had u joined us..Anyways, repeating it for the nth time can we have the pleasure of seeing some snaps from ur life there & btw any plans of comin' here in the near future..
& well talking abt our lazy Sam & the heights of his laziness & "chalta hai" attitude ..In Kol,he had a pretty gud shirt this time ,so i wore it for two days ..poora gandha kar diya us shirt ko & just when I thought he'll give it to Dhobi he wore it for the Jsr trip also after spraying some perfume ..hehehe!! So now u see he hasnt changed even a bit!!!!
Grapevine is abuzz that he hasnt got his jeans washed from the time he has come from Trivandrum..

Also one more incident worth sharing here...It was getting very hot in in the afternoon in hostel-I on the last day of our stay when everybody had left so I was sleeping with just my undies on .Gandhi got the shock of his life seeing me lying there like an insect in a kinda semi-naked state & in a fit of anger he said "Dont you have any shame man ?What is this?"
I said "Well yes,but it's too hot here"
He said "It's hot .so what ?? Am I not wearing clothes or wat ? Bloody Shameless people like you dont deserve to live on this earth .People like you should be burnt in hell."
I said "Okk!! burn me wherever you want but for god's sake,let me sleep now" & then also he went on hurling every possible curse on me.

Also I have just sent the link to the videos on your respective mail addresses.Have fun watching them.
Work hard,follow your passion ,be happy & live Life!!


Unknown said…
oye mannu bahi mubarak ho, tu bhi mathu ban gay.... n u hav reached city of dreams...
aur gandhi ki mat bol .. mujhe to usme koi male features dikhte hi nahi....

aur tune mujhe videos mail nahi kiye hai..

mail me on

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