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FollowUp Post To "A Humble Request To All Girls"

It was the day before yesterday that I once postponed commenting on Raj's post "A Humble Request To All The Girls" and couldn't write a single word after that, until today. Anyway, I guess it's better late than never.


While reading the post through, I was kinda processing quite a few things right within my head. Raj takes up a certain topic that's been talked, written and sung about, innumerable times in history...and that's "Love".


Seriously, despite being in a stable (I hope I could call it so) relationship for over 3 years now, I still can't define the oh-so-elusive feeling called "Love". Ohkay, this post is not about lecturing you lot on relationships, but rather as a follow-up to Raj's previous post.


  1. 1st and foremost, Raj says that "I guess on an average a girl might get proposed 5 times in her bachelorhood (I have no data on how much on married girls)". Does that mean that your data on single girls is absolutely correct and verified?
  2. "start talking about the antics of your new boyfriend". Now, this is interesting. Dude, which of the girls in college actually talked to you about their boyfriends' antics, man? Ohkay, you really don't need to answer that but I'm just curious...HeHe!
  3. There's a point where Raj says girls misunderstand when he asks them out for a harmless cup of coffee and then in the very same paragraph he declares that he's out there to fall in love. Doncha guys think that it's a bit hypocritical for him?
  4. Raj also says "please don’t do it especially when I am sponsoring you a cup of coffee". Dude, please don't tell us that you were trying to buy out their emotions!


Okay, apart from the above points, there's another point that Raj raises to his girls. He pleads, "if possible do let me know when is the transition point, rather when you girls would see me as a serious person". Man, the magic is to know where the transition lies without being told.


I'd like to disagree with Dino on this point, here. Dino, I'm sure every female in college and otherwise knows the kind of commitment Raj puts into his relationships. So, that particular uncertainty has never been and can never be an issue. The thing is, Raj just needs to learn how his girls think and how they react and how they's like him to be so. And Raj, try to gauge situations and react without waiting for being told. Just follow your heart, man. Never care what others might think, even if that happens to be the girl you like. Be spontaneous and never change for others. Be how you are and be liked the way you are. If they can't take you for who you are, they can go fuck their own asses. And anyway, no girl would ever like to spend her life with a puppet who always needs to be told what to do and what not to.


Phew! Now that's a huge comment you got there, mate! Well, now shifting the limelight onto dad got transferred in Bhuj, just yesterday. So, I finally lose my base here in Mumbai. However, I plan to take up the offer I got from WATConsult and in that case, I'll have my office in Colaba (if you've heard of the place). So guys, just in case you have any contacts in Mumbai who could help me out with a nice cosy place to stay in, I'd be very grateful. Although I myself am also searching for a few places, I thought I'll let you all too in the loop. Thanks.


Sakshi said…
I am sorry...but after reading the two posts abt love n girls...I had to retort a lil..
@ Shayon:
Man ur so confused... u still donnu wat love is...!!!
@ Raj,
Ok,i dunno much abt jsr...but i do know that the sex ratio is wow doncha think that its obvious that a girl will raise eyebrows if you ask her out for a simple coffee... and about a ranting about her present bf.. as a girl...I knw that if you politely tell her that since u dont knw her bf..and would rather talk about the two of you n topics common to both she wont mind... and stop being such a time go for a dutch rather than sponsering the coffee... makes the girl feel.. independant and good...!!
Manvender said…

Yes ,Raj's data on the number of proposals any gal gets till she's 30 maybe quite correct. I can tell u taking the average number of proposals the gals I know (I am talking about the gals who wouldnt lie to me!!) it has come to around 4 till now..& the figure is rising..

Hey sakshi ..pretty gud comments..pulling Shayon's leg here :-)
Sakshi said…
@ Mann-
I was not pulling his leg... am genuinely shocked..;)
Neways- there is a serious sex ratio problem all over the country...and that is the reason that a gal gets...a whoooping number of proposals...!!!
@ Raj:
With the stats you can actually pull in the youth into stopping female infanticide...that ways atleast the coming generations wont face the problems.
raj alakshendra said…
finally i am here to give my comments..

1. the data on no. of proposals on girls is from my personal experience. i havnt done any survey on that.

2. madhulika, aadya, kasturi , sanchita , prerna n the list goes on... everyone talks about their bf n their problems... m fed up of that..

3. there is no connection b/w cofee and myself falling in love... its jus that i have written both the lines in same para.

4. u took it the other way shayon.... whn i am sponsoring a coffee then i suppose that we can talk some more interesting topics than just their bfs... and i hav written that line to make the article more interesting 2 read....

5. i have never changed myself according to others perception... i have my grp of girls whom i like to talk .... agar meri frequency match nahi karti hai to i dont talk 2 that girl...

@ sakshi
m not a gentleman kind.... its jus that m too decent with the girls n m going 2 be like that forever ... that what raj alshendra is...
n as far as my love life is concerned jus ask shayon.... then ul say m jus mad....

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