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Another VDO..

Guys I've taken some clips from college and put them together into a VDO. I'd reduce it's size to upload it, so bear with the quality of the VDO.


Manvender said…
believe me guys..i havent laughed so much in the past 1 month as I laughed after seeing the video especially our Sleepy Hollow Rudra's face..wat cunningly innocent expressions on his seemingly innocent face ..& the rai & chiru one was too main chiru ki speech sunte hue hasni aa gayi..& that part wid Sam, chaki & all running in slow motion was too gud..Sam toh saala slow motion ho yaa normal utni hi tez bhaagta hai..
Guys watch this vdo on mute also & then see how funny it will become
Bloody amazing!!!!
Really had fun, seeing most of the folks after long was some time well spent. Ratz, u really screwed Rai on that one.
Cheers mate!!! Good work. Tell TCS to give you fun work like this (their PR dept. or something).
shanoob said…
this is the best one.... no doubt...
Unknown said…
arre maine bahut try kiya, sala open hi nahi ho raha hai..
after reading d comments i have become more curious...
Unknown said…
finally i saw the video... mast hai....
coll ke din yaad aa gaye...
i stil remember hw raths used 2 chase everone to make the video...

u should go 2 entertainment industry,,,
Unknown said…
guys i too laughed my heart out when i was going thru the clips last week..then i thot of compiling them into a single VDO..
well seems like u guys too njoyed that..who wudn't with those antics!!

i hav learnt raj & mannu hav seen the VDO on mute..hey watch it wid the music aur mazaa aa yegaa..
Shayon said…
Man...too good....simply awesome! Showed to a few people hu haven't even met any of u before n yet they could hardly stop themselves laughing.

But then, my vote for the best portion goes to karma's "improved" version ;-)

I have cn the vdo nth times now..Man..all the characters in the video have been really great..AP se leke raj aur chiru ..All rocking!!aur Sam kay action toh bilkul freestyle rapper jaise lag rahe hai

& I know we all have laughed our hearts out after seeing the video but there's one guy whoz gonna be furious after seeing this vdo..where's my frnd Daangu.Director sahaab ne use movie se bhaar nikaal diya.hahaha
& seems like sam ne gaana fir record kiya hai hai ? is it ?

"As we put our legs into a new world, I wish a PHOSPHOROUS life" :-)
atri said…
Guys this video is not opening ...I dont know why.....someone please somehow send me this video......
Unknown said…

well i've left daangu for one VDO frm ur place..let's see you all frm Delhi..

well yes we are trying to compose a new song..let's see how much time it'll take..


press the play button or else giv a call to Rai!!
atri said…
@Rathz......the screen is totally blank....give me the link so that i can press the play button.
abey Boka ,that's coz the Flash player might not be activated on the comp you ll have to either install the Flash player or go to Sify as all comps there have their flash players activated

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