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Pics & videos uploaded

Hey guys I have finally uploaded the pics.
Hope you like them..
Here's the link. So Jet Set Go & pics dekho!! ..

Needless to say,please don't mind some of the quotes there.I hope u ll like them too!!!
& guys, I've uploaded some of the videos also..You'll die laughing on seeing those videos. Since they have a lot of our indecent & obscene talk so I'll mail you all the link to them instead of giving it here.

Jaate jaate here's something to lighten up ur moods .Meerut -The Legendary Rockstar of 2k3 came up wid the most bombastic analogy of all times!!
What happned is that we were walking & suddenly Meerut blurted out with a very serious tone
"I think Hitler used to listen to Black Metal & Death Rock"
I said "uhhh ?wat is diz now ?"
Again with a very thoughtful expression on his face ,he said "Ya , he was the one who was responsible for so much destruction & death on this earth & Death Rock is also assosciated with death so dat's y I think that Death Rock was responsible for Second world war as it may have inspired Hitler to do so"
Uhahahaha! I went mad laughing on his great thoughts.
I said "Forget about black metal & death rock tell me ,when did simple rock 'n roll start ?"
He said "1960s"
"& when did second world war take place? "
"1940s "
"So what the bloody hell made u come to the conclusion that Death Metal caused the Second world war "
"Yeh toh maine socha hi nahin.I think there's something definitely wrong with me .I should visit a Psychiatrist .Maybe it will help "

Well no exaggerations..he actually said those last few lines !!
Ok watch out for my mail with the link to the videos.
Love ya all..bbye!


Dipayan said…
Jaiyo merrut...tum aise hi chalte jao chalte jao.....aur hum logo ko hasate jao.....hasate jao....
Unknown said…
oye mannu comments jabardast they..
koi 'inappropriate content' karkey complain naa kar dey!!
What amazing pics yaar and the comments have left me with my stomach hurting. Seriously sorry I couldn't come for the convo. Hey, is Sam still wearing those same old 'gandha' jeans of his in those photos??? Looks like Dangs finally made it after all the peintra.....
And you'll guys have to come down to Goa when I come down next, and we can go laze on the beach everyday....
Unknown said…
@ dion
goa ...i really want 2 go there atleast one more time....
r u coming back in a few months ???

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