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When I saw "ConstructiveKarma Productions" at the end, I literally had my eyebrows going north in disbelief that you have made this video.
In fact, while watching the video I was debating whether you've made this video or you hit upon it on youtube.
This was the most incredible and professionally made video I have seen from an amaetur.
Especially that part with the train billowing smoke was fantastic and that actually made me believe that obviously you wouldn't have done it. Only to be proved wrong at the end .
Proud to have you as a part of our group and of TWM.
Unknown said…
English countryside! Oh my... super beautiful! And a beautiful video too. Remember those "jhanki" kinda videos that used to be aired on Doordarshan 20 years back.
shanoob said…
Its like fresh drops of rain on a dry land... trust me... when I saw this video I was in a very bad state of mind... Its like refreshing my mind... I had the same feel when I watched "love aajkal" a year ago!!! amazing colours and good music ... you could have extended it to atleast 5 minutes..
Unknown said…
@Mannu bhai - shukriya :)..tum logon pey experiment kartey kartey professional ban jauunga..haha.. TWM rocks \m/

@Shayon - Some of the clips were of Kolkata, Pune and Mumbai as well..The English sky has been strikingly beautiful during the Summer never mind the grey clouds! Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) will be a spectacle in my wish list but for that will have to travel into the Arctic cold!

@Shaan - I was going through videos of last two years and had to create a semblance of theme and flow. Just managed what is posted else longer video would have diluted the fun and of course I needed to cook for the night!

Cheers folks.
Sakshi said…
We all see these things in our lives. But to capture them at the right moment, and then sharing the beauty of it all with us- KUDOS Rathz!
From writing short stories to the lovely videos!
Super talented!
And one day when you get famous, I'll brag about you being my friend!

What the hell are you doing in TCS???
Sakshi said…
And sorry to talk like a lawyer, but you ought to get some copyright protection to the production house, as well as the videos!

Thanks :)
raj alakshendra said…
sakshi , i had told the same thing to him ... why the hell is he wasting his talent in the cubicle of TCS ...
atri said…
Rathin ...amazing video and while watching I had a feel that you really mastered this art....great work done and keep on posting such videos .....really they are refreshing..
Waiting for your next video post and do not keep me waiting for long....
Unknown said…
@Sakshi - There are professionals out there! All these are just for fun, may be one day when all resources are available, can work out something. Also regarding copyright, original music is still needed.

@Raj - cubicle nahi hai, it's like the ED hall ;)..

@Atri - kothai tumi, US?? Thanks for liking the vdo..

Rudra ko call karna padegaa for critic's review!!
Hi Rathin, a nice piece of string, once again...

Side A scores 4/10. It was a 'long' gap before Side B started; thought you might have done this purposely ;)

Side B, the 'better half', scores 8/10. In fact, way way better. I have given an 'extra' 1 (otherwise it would have scored 7!) just because of the birds flying; it was a true 'Discovery' --- FANTASTIC. I wondered why you chose to end this video with a not-so-good clip!

As a whole I give it 6/10, a first division :). Expecting more from you...
Unknown said…

Side A - 4/10 ridiculous!!!!!

ye the 'long' gap was intentional to give a pause....

Side B - last clip, yeah I know it did not fit in properly but I only had that for the 'Hero walking into the sunset' shot !!

Thanks for the first division..haha :)
@ Rathz,
Coming to the website after a while!
Amazing stuff. Keep up the great work. Maybe when we're in Delhi in Dec., we can do a short movie (using all the characters of TWM!).

Rapa said…
hey rathin gr8 work buddy........
Sakshi said…
Then, I should really lose weight! ;)
@ Sakshi,
Don't worry, you're not alone! I need to lose some too!

Unknown said…
But I wont be in Delhi in Dec :(

So, someone will have to vlog the catch-up meet!

Sakshi said…
So we shall be the inspiration for each other! :)

You SHOULD have been here! Now I hope that Shayon captures the meet using his camera and that Mannu bhai would be gracious enough to capture on video the moments for posterity!

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