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Set fire to your music

Thought that I'd share some good new music so that you guys can explore more if you're bored listening to your collection. Here's my first recommendation. Listen to "Set fire to the rain" by Adele-a song which I have become obsessed with listening ,singing these days.Reminds me of my crazy days, when I would go crazy listening to the same song infinite number of times,driving others nuts.Adele is running on top of my music list these days as she is on the billboard.
Though I no more play music, exploring "new" music is something I do everyday and dwelling more into the music of the bands of which I had heard one or two songs is something I remain perenially obsessed with.If you're a great fan of alternative/new wave music of the 80s or want to check out some good bands apart from the usual stuff, The Cure, The Smiths,Crowded house, INXS, When in Rome,Eurthymics, Alphaville are some of the bands you need to have in your collection.

If you're looking for some hip hop,listen to FloRida(pronounced as Flo-Rider).Set aside the fact that most of his songs/videos are only about club,cars,splurging money,hot women shaking their asses on the dance floors and he banging them later,he makes really peppy music, something that will make you wanna dance or sing. Nicki Minaj is another artist who's worth looking out for.

If you don't want to listen to all this so-called noise and want some peaceful,soulful music, Vangelis is the artist for you. His "Conquest of Paradise" remains one of my favorite songs.

So what have you been listening to lately? Any obsessions ? Let me know a few bands/artists which you think are worth exploring more.

P.S.- Since all of you complain that I hardly post any article here, this was my contribution. ;)


Sakshi said…
How about posting links too? Especially for music retards like me!
Adele, well, I have been hearing loads about her songs.. she has been the top reccos in my TL on twitter!!!

But, I am more of a hindi song person, and my latest obsession are the dancing numbers I am choreographing for my brother's wedding!
Oye hoooyeee!!!
I agree,even I was obsessed with the songs of Meri brother ki dhulan for sometime. I like "Choomanatar" the most, followed by the title song and then the others.Though I have heard that people like "Dhunki" the most. Really brilliant music by Sohail Sen .Must appreciate the freshness in music, off beat lyrics and great singing by all especially KK and Benny Dayal.
atri said…
Mann you should have posted the links. I have clicked on the image thinking it will take me somewhere I can find some new music ....damn ....neways ..nice to know that you are still have the passion for music....are you still playing guitar?
Sakshi said…
I am in love with all the songs of the movie.. esp Madhubala ;P
Unknown said…
har ashiq ke dil ko kuredney wala gaana! Ye I like the MBKD songs.

For me, the songs that are looping in the past few days are

1. Breathe Owl Breathe - Swimming
2. Kun Faaya Kun - Rockstar
3. Rabba Mein To - Mausam
4. Hawa Hawai - Shaitan
5. Shree Krishna Govinda Hare Murari (Ramanand Sagar)

I was at Karma's place over the weekend and they have a guitarist and vocalist. After a long time enjoyed a late night jam session. Karma also played the song 'Seasons of Love' from youtube, drawing a big round of applause!

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