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Its a BUSday !!

It is said that public transport is the best way to get the feel of that place.Well that is what i am doing from past few weeks. I take bus for my school which drops me there in 1-2 hours time including a bus transfer.
So to begin with the journey, getting a whole day pass for $3.50 is better idea then paying $1.75 every time I take the bus. Usually after almost every half an hour a bus will pass the bus stop and i too have to wait :(
Bus arrives and after swappin the pass in the machine i take my seat...did i forget to mention while entering in the bus the driver and the passenger will exchange greetings. No eating and drinking allowed inside so bus is really clean :)
BTW i started learning Spanish too thanks to informative posters inside the bus both in English and Spanish which is kind of second language in united stated .whoa! my spanish vocabulary is growing !!!
Every bus has got a number according to the ave and the direction and mine for school is 27 which after about 50 minutes takes me to metro center mall where i need to make the transfer. It is kind of large bus stop or say junction for many other buses.
My next bus is number 15 which i have no no idea when it will gotta wait for it, which is really interesting as i got to see really funny people around who are either staring at you or sometime i do that too ;)
and Voila ! my bus 15 arrives, and yeah its the same bus i take every time (i know coz driver is same).I would like to share few things about him...every time he stop by, he will get out of bus relax ,smoke twice some times share his cig with other lucky fellow and read few pages of a big fat book which almost takes 15-20 minutes and no one minds !!
when u intend to stop your bus simply pull the string it will give a message to the driver for stop request and he will pull up to the nearest bus stop....get out and don't forget to thank you the driver .


raj alakshendra said…
While reading the post I started comparing it with our Indian buses .. Forget about the greetings , they talk so rough here ... So I think u r having a heavenly journey everytime ... In the pic the bus looks so beautiful ...
N btw r u studying in school ??? I thought u have gone there to study in college ... ABCD padhna tha to main hi padha deta :)
...@ish@... said… ppl call mba college "school"
so its a business school.
I never knew that you're studying MBA there ? Which school and city are you in ?

Kya question hai tera.LOL!
Btw, I had called you on your 9771.. number somedays back but it was constantly coming switched off. Number change kar liya kya ?

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