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Reign in Your anger!

It is a tough world out there. Enough injustice being done every day. There is rape happening every couple of minutes. A murder happening somewhere as I type this. Some one must have had a case of road rage today. And so and so forth.

Why are we facing so much? There has to be a problem somewhere. Why is it that most of the world is so frustrated with their lives. I know I am amongst that frustrated lot. I know that I get angry, at a drop of a hat. Ask Shayon he knows how easily I blow off my top.
But, does anger entitle me to go kill another person. Or rape some one, or because some one was stupid, go and run my car over him..
In a bout of anger, we end up doing stupid things. Things that we may regret later. One rash decision, action taken in anger can ruin your life and the life of the other person.

I just hope that, we all start learning the art of patience. Start being happier. And more importantly start being rational rather than rash..!!!  


ABC said…
what happened??
raj alakshendra said…
Kya hua ... In full load ???
Sakshi said…
@raj & rathz
Just like that. Totally random thoughts. :)
Unknown said…

btw here's a link to the first batch of photos from UK..had been to York last Saturday..

PS: Link will be removed hurry :P
atri said…
@Rathin ..... nice photos enjoyed the visit to castle ? .... keep on taking snaps and keep on posting them regularly....
shastha said…
@Saxi - Is post ne meri aankein khool di :P ..
SiD said…
Yes its is true there is a lot of frustration in people these days. which makes it all the more incumbent for us to learn techniques which help us cope with it!
Yeah,very true! Rape reminds me of Shiney Ahuja and the 7 year imprisonment sentence given to him by court.I have simply not understood how can a man rape a wailing innocent woman pleading for mercy.Can our sex hormones be pumping that badly that they make us lose all our sanity and become animals. Poor Shiney!When he could have had plethora of women who could have had consensual sex with him(and supposedly he was a womanizer), he ruined his life by getting sloshed and raping a maid.
@ Sakshi,
What you say is true! The problem with us is that we don't think before we talk or say or even do stuff. If we take a few moments before we react to most situations (now this won't apply in the sports arena) in life, it will save a lot of regret, ill feeling and animosity. My parents have been telling me that all my life, but I guess you learn only after making those mistakes yourself! At least I think I've learned my lesson (only time will tell).
@ Mann,
Shiney should have got more than 7- what he did was unacceptable! If he was drunk when he did it, then he's an advertisment/warning for people to refrain from drinking beyond their limits.
@ Rathz,
Nice pics. Where in UK are you?

@ All,
I'm working on a post. I started it about a couple of days back. The length has reached 3 A-4 sized pages, but is not yet complete. I'm still not sure whether to upload it- it is the story of my life and being for the most part an introvert/reserved person, I'm not sure whether I want it out for the world to see!
Anyway, I'll make the call when I'm done with it.

Unknown said…
@Dino: At one point or the other, you gotta get it out of your system. Every time we write something, we reveal a part of ourselves. It's a part of life, a part of friendships. All you gotta do is trust. Do come up with the piece, my boi. I have a feeling it's gonna be one of your best, till date.

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